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Computer Games Resource Center

Methodologies for Quick Approximation of 2D Collis
Article entitled, “Methodologies for Quick Approximation of 2D Collision Detection Using Polygon Armatures,” includes an implementation of polygon armatures in a 3D game engine.
Generating Perlin Noise with Director MX
Article entitled, “Generating Perlin Noise with Director MX,”  shows you how to use Perlin noise in 3D games developed with Director MX to create more realistic looking 3D worlds by adding dirt, dust, grease and grime to objects.
Preparing 3D Content for Shockwave 3D
Article entitled, “Preparing 3D Content for Shockwave 3D,” discusses how to use Macromedia Shockwave 3D with features of Macromedia Director to add interactivity, multi-user functionality, and more to game-console systems.
Sample Chapter: Shockwave 3D
Book exerpt entitled, “Shockwave 3D; Chapter 3: Architecture Fly-Through,”covers creating a Shockwave 3D file, storyboarding the design, creating a 3D model, moving it into Director and making it interactive by applying behaviors or Lingo.
Object-Oriented Programming in Director and Macrom
Article entitled, “Flash Me, Shock Me, Just be Sure You Objectify Me: Object-Oriented Programming in Director and Macromedia Flash,” describes how to design and implement objects for computer games.
Tile-Based Scrolling in Director
Article entitled, “Tile-Based Scrolling in Director” shows you how to use this old technique which is new to Macromedia Director.
Free Trial Downloads of Macromedia Software
Register at Macromedia to access free trial downloads of Macromedia software including Director MX which allows you to develop high-performance multimedia content (including games).

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