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Dojo Articles
Using Dojo and JSON to Build AJAX Applications
Article: “Using Dojo and JSON to Build AJAX Applications,” by Zarar Siddiqi. Discusses what Dojo is, what JSON is, a simple HTML request, using JSON to transport Java objects, creating Java objects, encoded data, advanced Dojo (creating a widget), what a Dojo widget is, components of a widget, accessing UI elements and programming the widget. For more information see our on JSON and AJAX Resource Centers.
Build Enterprise SOA AJAX Clients with Dojo ...
Article: “Build Enterprise SOA AJAX Clients with the Dojo Toolkit and JSON-RPC,” by Roland Barcia. Discusses what AJAX is, the XMLHttpRequest object, an overview of the Dojo toolkit, Dojo widgets, the Dojo event system, the Dojo asynchronous server request, Dojo functionality, an overview of JSON, the JSON-RPC, JSON vs. XML, the JSON-RPC for Dojo, the JSON-RPC java ORB, the model view controller, setting up a Java EE application for Dojo, setting up a Java EE application for JSON-RPC Java Orb and the client development process.
The JavaScript Library World Cup
Article: “The JavaScript Library World Cup,” by Dan Webb. Discusses JavaScript libraries including Dojo, Prototype (Ruby on Rails), Mochikit (Python) and YUI (the Yahoo UI library), the basics of Dojo, the pros and cons of Dojo, the Prototype Library and its basics, the pros and cons of Prototype, Mochikit basics, the pros and cons of Mochikit, the Yahoo UI Library and its basics, pros and cons of the YUI, and which one he feels is best.
At the Forge—Dojo
Article: “At the Forge—Dojo,” by Reuven Lerner. Discusses how Dojo divides code into packets, convenience functions for JavaScript programmers, the Dojo widget library, Dojo packages, loading a Dojo package, JavaScript helpers and rich text.
Dojo-based Web Applicatiion Performance
"Improving Performance of Dojo-based Web Applications, by Eugene Lazutkin. Discusses the design of a modern web application, optimization on the server side, the thin server, server-side cache, client-side cache, upstream caches and content-delivery netowrks (CDNs), compression, dynamic data format, general optimizations, optimization on the client side, using a proper Dojo build, optimizing widget initialization and user interface considerations.
Ajax Functionality in a JavaServer Faces Component
"Including Ajax Functionality in a Custom JavaServer Faces Component," by Gregory Murray and Jennifer Ball. Discusses what Ajax is, JavaServer Faces technology and Ajax, the Dojo toolkit and Ajax, using an Ajax-aware custom component, steps to include Ajax support in a custom component, an editable label example, creating necessary JavaScript functions, registering JavaScript events, updating data on the server, rendering JavaScript tags with a custom renderer, creating a Phaselistener class for Ajax requests, getting user input and creating an XML file. Learn more about JavaServer Faces in our Java EE 5 Resource Center.
The Dojo Toolkit in Practice
Article: “The Dojo Toolkit in Practice: An AJAX Library for More Than ‘Prototyping,’” by Dion Almaer. Discusses the Dojo toolkit, setting up and configuring Dojo, choosing the right Dojo edition, loading pieces dynamically, custom builds, DOM and HTML effects, AJAX remote calls, fade and remove and drag and drop.

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