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Dojo Resource Center

Dojo Forums
Dojo Forums
Forum: The Dojo forums are in four categories, including general (covers news announcements, general discussions, events, the Dojo showcase, jobs and meeting logs), support (covers pre-installation, general support, installation, upgrading, the Dojo widget system [Dijit] and performance), developer (covers general development, documentation and Dijit development), and summer of code (covers news and announcements, project ideas and Summer of Code discussion). (Summer of Code is an annual program sponsored by Google in which students, mentored by industry leaders, compete for awards on open source coding projects.) Information about each discussion group includes the number of topics, the number of posts and the date of the latest post.
The’s Discussion Forum
Forum: The’s discussion forum for developers and users of the Dojo DHTML toolkit. Some of the topics listed include HTML encoding, the Grid and FloatingPane, the LinkPane in the TabContainer, the FilteringTable, updating a FloatingPane titlebar, the MenuBar, cursor problems and much more. The list is searchable by keyword or topic.
TIBCO Developers Forum
Forum: The TIBCO (developers of SOA enterprise software) developers forum discussion of Dojo components/widget integration, the Dojo Storage Documentation, and Dojo storage.

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Update :: January 17, 2020