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Dojo Resource Center

Dojo Introductions
Dojo Toolkit
Description of Dojo from Wikipedia. Discusses Dojo's features, including widgets, asynchronous communications. JavaScript programming, packaging system, client-side data storage, server-side storage and the Dojo Foundation.
Introduction to Using Dojo
Tutorial: “Introduction to Using Dojo,” from I Am Alpha. Discusses browsers supported by Dojo, downloading and installing Dojo, Dojo on the AOL CDN (Content Distribution Network, custom builds, release builds, lazy loading, getting started with Dojo, Dojo modules (including Dojo, dojo.render, dojo.lang,, dojo.event, dojo.dom, and dojo.html), licensing and recommended development tools.
Introduction to Dojo Toolkit
Slide presentation: “Introduction to Dojo Toolkit,” by Sang Shin (Java technology architect at Sun Microsystems). Discusses what the Dojo toolkit is, the Dojo toolkit package system, remoting via, Dojo DOM (Document Object Model) manipulation, backward and forward buttons, bookmarking and the Dojo event system.
"Dojo: An Introduction”
Slide presentation: “Dojo: An Introduction,” by Alex Russell, project lead of the Dojo project. Discusses what Dojo is, layered libraries; the BSD and AFL licenses, layers of Dojo, pulling in other code, defining modules, the lookup order, builds, language utilities, dojo.lang, the event system, eavesdropping, arrays of nodes, UI utilities, the obligatory AJAX side, drag and drop, animations and effects, the widget system, what a widget is, using widgets, passing parameters, custom widgets, anatomy of a widget,
Introductory Dojo Tutorial
Introductory Dojo Tutorial: Covers getting started with Dojo, creating a button widget, connecting an event to a widget, reading data from a server, sending data to a server using GET, using a PHP server, using an ASP server, using a ColdFusion server, using a Java server (JSP), using a Perl server and sending data to a server using POST.

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