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Dojo Resource Center

Dojo Resource Sites
Dojo Project Cycle Demo
This is a step-by-step animation that walks through the process of creating a Dojo project and application and then launches the application on an HTTP server in a Mozilla browser.
The Dojo Project
The Dojo project wiki is a source of information about the Dojo project including links to user resources, release notes, articles, FAQS, tutorials, examples, resources for contributors, developer notes and articles.
Dojo Project site.
Dojo Project JavaScript toolkit site. Locate information about the Dojo toolkit including: documentation, demos, downloads, FAQs, support, the Dojo API and the Dojo Book.
Dojo Documentation
Dojo documentation site. Information for the Dojo Book, 0.4 (the official reference for the Dojo Toolkit 0.4), The Dojo Book, 0.9 (reflects the changes for release 0.9), the Dojo API Reference (the official reference for the Dojo Toolkit), and the Porting Guide (deals with backward compatibility problems).
Dojo Reference Documentation
The Dojo Reference Documentation discusses the Dojo packaging and debugging system, general purpose libraries the visual web, web I/O, data structures, widgets, the Dojo infrastructure, the math library, cryptographic routines and layout widgets.

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Update :: January 17, 2020