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Dojo Resource Center

Dojo Tools and Downloads
Dojo ShrinkSafe
ShrinkSafe is an open source JavaScript compression tool for Web 2.0 applications that has been incorporated into Dojo. It reduces the number of HTTP requests by decreasing file sizes by as much as a third allowing pages to respond faster.
Dojo Site
Learn about Dojo, the open source DHTML toolkit for dynamic web applications such as user interfaces, interactive widgets and animated transitions. Links are provided for additional resources such as the documentation, downloads, support, demos and information about the Dojo Foundation.
CSS Query Engine For Dojo
The dojo.query is an experimental CSS query engine, based on DomQuery (a fast, small generic system),for Dojo that can be dropped into older Dojo environments. All queries return an array of unique DOM nodes.
Dojo Tools
This article discusses several tools developed using Dojo including: Rhyme and Reason, by Evan Simeone, a text editor for composing poems that has a word search feature that combines a rhyming dictionary and a thesaurus; and Mind42, by Stefan Schuster, a mind mapping tool providing a JSON interface with web features such as collaboration, sharing and blog integration.
AJAX Toolkits and Frameworks
"Round-up of 50 AJAX Toolkits and Frameworks," by Max Kiesler. The list is broken down into catagories including: Ajax Coldfusion frameworks (AjaxCFC), Ajax Java frameworks, Ajaz Multi-platform frameworks, Ajax .NET frameworks, Ajax Perl frameworks, Ajax PHP frameworks, Ajax Toolkit frameworks and Ajax toolkits. Each category lists products (e.g., JSMX, Echo2, WebORB, Ajax Engine, Dojo) along with a description and explanation of what the framework or toolkit does.
The Dojo Offline Toolkit
"The Dojo Offline Toolkit," by Brad Neuberg. Discusses what the Dojo Offline Toolkit is, Dojo storage, what offline applications are (e.g., GMail, corporate portals, Google Docs and Blogger), how Dojo offline works and its development details.
Rich text Editing with Dojo
"Rich text Editing with Dojo," by Alex Russell. Discusses the the Dojo editor (developed by Paul Sowder and David Schontzler), using the editor, editor configuration, getting content back, stand-alone rich text widgets and Toolbar widget.

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