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Dojo Training Courses
Advanced Ajax with Dojo Training
Advanced Ajax with Dojo is a 3-day fee-based course for software engineers, programmers and web developers. Covers an introduction to Dojo, events, widgets, effects, vector graphics, accessibility, local storage, DOM, HTML, CSS, advanced Ajax, Comet, JavaScript, the Dojo toolkit, building applications with Dojo, extending Dojo, customizing Dojo, optimization, performance and code design.
Dojo Training
A series of fee-based one-day training courses from SitePen include: "Dojo in Action," covering the package system, Ajax and Comet with, the Dojo Event and Widget systems, DOM, performance and testing and effects with Dojo; "Getting to Know Dojo 0.9," covers what the Dojo toolkit is, what the Dojo Foundation is, approaches to building Dojo applications; overview of Dojo events, Ajax, effects and widgets systems, advanced and emerging features and debugging; and "Dojo Core and More,' covers the package system, Ajax and Comet, events and HTML, Dijit, performance and testing, and effects with Dojo.

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Update :: January 17, 2020