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Dojo Resource Center

Dojo Tutorials
Creating a Dojo Calendar
"Creating a Dojo Calendar," from Discusses the goals to be accomplished, the files needed and how to download them, calendar entries, time zones, changing a date for a calendar enrty, and adding a new calendar entry.
“Creating an AJAX-Enabled Application"
Tutorial: “Creating an AJAX-Enabled Application, a Toolkit Approach,” by Rick Palkovic and Mark Basler. Discusses downloading the Dojo Toolkit Library, adding Dojo libraries to an application, incorporating the Dojo library into a project, opening a project in the NetBeans IDE, replacing a file, running a project and examining the Dojo files.
Dojo Tree Tutorials
A series of three tutorials including: “Introducing the Dojo Tree Widget,” discusses installing Dojo, trying out the Dojo tree widget, adding a context menu, making the context menu work, explanation of the code, building the menu programmatically and adding drag-and-drop capabilities; “Adding Dojo Tree Nodes with AJAX,” discusses building a tree programmatically, adding child tree nodes with AJAX, and dynamically adding children; and “Customizing the Dojo Tree,” discusses changing icons, custom icons for HTML tree, custom icons for the programmatic tree, properties and CSS.
Ajax Toolkit Framework for Eclipse
"Discover the Ajax Toolkit Framework for Eclipse," by Tim McIntire. Discusses the Ajax Toolkit Framework (ATF), Open Ajax Initiative, installing the ATF, building a Dojo application in the ATF, creating an application, generating a working application; saving, compiling and running the application, and expanding the application's functionality.
“Rich Internet Applications with Dojo Toolkit 101"
Tutorial: “Rich Internet Applications with Dojo Toolkit 101,” by Jayaram Krishaswamy. Discusses what RIAs (Rich Internet Applications) are and what they are used for, displaying a simple button, adding a Dojo button object to a page, adding an event and styling, the DatePicker and Accordion widgets; and how the widget looks on Windows Internet Explorer (IE7), Firefox 2.0 and Opera 9.02.

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Update :: January 17, 2020