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Dojo Widget Tutorials
“Develop HTML Widgets with Dojo”
Tutorial: “Develop HTML Widgets with Dojo,” by Igor Kuaskov. This is an intermediate-level tutorial for JavaScript programmers. Covers the basics of developing HTML widgets with Dojo, how to refer to an image, adding an event handler to an HTML page, handling composite widgets, JavaScript coding vs. Dojo, web applications development tips, setting up the Dojo environment, creating widgets, accessing widget programmatically, creating nested HTML, creating nested and composite widgets, Dojo events and debugging Dojo widgets.
Creating an AJAX Rating Widget
"Creating an AJAX Rating Widget," by Laurent Haan. Discusses how to create a JavaScript framework to display an animated rating widget and explains the design and implementation process. The tutorial also discusses HTML markup, adding dynamic behavior, connecting a widget to a server and using the PHP framework, Dojo framework, mootools framework, the jQuery framework and the Prototype framework.
"Dojo Custom Widget Tutorial"
"Dojo Custom Widget Tutorial," by Coach Wei discusses the Dojo directory structure, the widget source code and creating a custom build profile.
“Creating a New Dojo Widget”
Tutorial: “Creating a New Dojo Widget,” by Alexander Netkachev. Discusses creating a widget that displays a list of items, what widgets are (e.g., buttons and labels), the three parts of a regular Dojo widget, and a widget creation plan (widget idea, the presentation part, adding behavior and putting it together). Sample code is provided.

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Update :: January 17, 2020