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Flash 9 Resource Center

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Adobe Flash Player 9 Site
Adobe Flash Player 9 site. View an interactive feature demo that overviews several of the features of Flash 9 including: ActionScript 3—an object-oriented programming language for the development of rich Internet applications (RIAs), Flash Player 9—an ActionScript Virtual Machine (AVM) to support RIAs, enhanced security, rendering performance, high-quality video, video alpha channel (for eight-bit video support), full-screen mode, graphics effects (real-time effects engine) and high-fidelity text. There are additional links to recent headline news, demos from BrightCove and MotionBox, developer resources, licensing, support, communities, and downloads.
“Delivering Enterprise Applications, Content, and.
White paper: “Delivering Enterprise Applications, Content, and Communications with the Flash® platform,” by Vikrant Karvir. Discusses meeting the demand for rich enterprise-class solutions, evaluating architectures for enterprise-class solutions, the Flash Platform architecture, high-performance servers and data services; robust, standards-based programming model, development tools, client runtime, communication solution, developing and delivering rich Internet solutions with the Flash platform architecture, rich Internet content, rich Internet applications, rich communication and collaboration, rich experiences for mobile devices, deploying and maintaining the Flash platform architecture within an enterprise, Flex deployment and administration, streaming video deployment and administration, Flash client runtime deployment and administration, an architecture for the future, and benefits of the Flash platform architecture.
“Adobe Flash Player 9 Security”
White paper: “Adobe Flash Player 9 Security,” from Adobe Systems. Discusses Flash Player 9 client runtime, the Flash Player security environment, permission controls,  sources for potential risk, security features of Flash Player 9, Flash Player security architecture, basic sandbox security model, permissions for specific domains, interpreters and byte codes; disk, memory and processor protection, the verifier, permission controls, administrative user controls, user controls, website controls, developer controls, hierarchy of local file security controls, deployment of the Flash Player runtime, browser plug-ins and ActiveX controls, authoring player, stand-alone player and Flash projector, platform and runtime environment, deployment of Flash applications, network protocols, and secure sockets layer (SSL) utilization.
Flash CS3 Professional Site
Flash CS3 Professional site. Discusses the latest features in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, ActionScript 3.0, the Adobe interface, the advanced debugger, Adobe Device Central, rich drawing capabilities, user interface components, advanced QuickTime, video tolls, and coding tools.
Adobe Labs Flash 9 Downloads
Adobe Labs Flash 9 downloads for Solaris. Download a pre-release version of Adobe Flash Player 9 to test and access the product. Links are provided to the Adobe Labs “Terms of Use,” “Online Privacy Policy,” and the “Software License Agreement.”
Flash Player Information
Flash Player. Platform, version and edition information. This chart provides Flash Player information for Windows (95, NT), Macintosh (OS 9.x, OS X), Linux and Solaris; mentions which version is available for each of these platforms and what browser support is provided.

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Update :: November 15, 2019