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Flash 9 Resource Center

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The Flash Blog
Blog: The Flash Blog. Discusses how Flash 9 can read audio data at runtime (using the SoundMixer.computeSpectrum method) to produce audio-driven animations, unlike the previous versions of Flash. An animated demo and source code are provided.
Ralph Hauwert Blog
Blog: The blog of Ralph Hauwert, a Flash platform developer. Discusses 3D bump-mapping and its improvement in Flash 9. He explains how this new type of bump-mapping enhances normal mapping. Click in the examples posted in this blog and watch how they react to your mouse movements.
“Adobe Keynote: Some Highlights”
Flashforward Blog. “Adobe Keynote: Some Highlights.” Discusses the new features for Flash 9 that were announced at the Flashforward 2006 Austin conference. The new features consist of being able to include PSD files, have space efficient new interface options and several others.
“A Survey Of the New Landscape”
Moock Blog. “Flash Player 9, Flex 2, ActionScript 3.0: A Survey Of the New Landscape.” Discusses the newest software released by Adobe which includes Flash Player 9, Flex 2, and ActionScript 3.0. It mentions how the new ActionScript 3.0, the scripting language for the Flash Player, has made Flash Player 9 almost 10 times faster than ActionScript 2.0.
Mike Melanson Interview
Ryan Stewart Blog. “Interview With Mike Melanson, Lead Engineer On The Linux Flash Player Team.” Discusses Mike Melanson’s efforts to make people in the Adobe community aware that a Flash Player for the Linux platform was becoming a necessity. He mentions how Linux users want an open source Flash Player.

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