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Flash 9 Resource Center

Flash 9 CommunityMinimize
ActionScript Community Discussion
Forum: ActionScript community discussion of Flash 9 and ActionScript 3. This forum is open for viewing and membership is free (which allows you to post comments, communicate with members, participate in polls, upload content and have access to special features). Current topics and in some cases source code, include the ActionScript 3 “Tip of the Day,” detecting addition to or removal from the stage, event phases and capturing, event listener functions, preventing event propagation, global events, detecting a mouseUp, and the Flash 9 Document Class.
Macromedia Google Group
Group: Google Groups’ Macromedia newsgroup. Current topics include Flash/AS3, ActionScript 3 mouse click event listener, AS3 video art gallery, ActionScript 3.0 and caching, how to use the AS3 debugger, and creating an application domain.
Open Source Flash
Open Source Flash. OSFlash is a community of developers and users working on the Flash platform. Talk about and contribute to open source Flash projects, join their mailing list, participate in hosted and open source projects and learn about the open source initiative (OSI).

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Update :: November 15, 2019