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Flash 9 Resource Center

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Flash Player 9 Demo
Flash Player 9 Demo. Flash Player 9 is about 10 times faster than previous version due to the speed of ActionScript 3.0. It has a new ActionScript Virtual Machine with a Just-In-Time (JIT) compiler, which interprets everything at an extremely high speed. Flash 9 has the mark of  a product that can support Rich Internet Applications (RIA).
Flash 9 Equalizer and Demo
Flash 9 Equalizer and Demo. Displays the audio capacities of Flash 9 as they can be used to create animations to depict the audio. The source code is also included so that the original audio animation can be used as a basis to produce new animations.
“Some Very Cool Flash 9 Demos”
“Some Very Cool Flash 9 Demos.” Discusses two Flash 9 demos which demonstrate how Flash 9 can be used to display depth perception, 3D textures, and differing animations while still retaining a realistic feel to it.
ActionScript 3.0 Demos from Wikipedia
Wikipedia list of Demos. This list includes 18 demos in ActionScript 3.0, where each demo includes some animation that can be rotated around in any direction, while the object is in motion. This allows numerous view angles and the depth perception generated is phenomenal. Objects appear larger when they are closer and smaller when they are farther away, creating a highly realistic animation. One such demo is a bipedal in motion, which speeds up with time while another example is that of two cones, which can be viewed from several different angles by selecting different options.

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Update :: November 15, 2019