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Flash 9 Resource Center

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“Flash CS3 (Adobe’s Creative Suite 3) (P)review”
Article: “Flash CS3 (Adobe’s Creative Suite 3) (P)review,” from Flash Magazine. This preview of Flash 9 discusses new and updated features including: the custom design panels (for importing layers, assigning instance names and compression controls), ability to copy and paste from Illustrator into Flash; Illustrator has symbol names, type, registration points and 9-slice scaling; the upgraded pen tool (for image manipulation), a new look and feel to the user interface (with a new iconic mode), the Action panel allows you to decide where to collapse code and comment it out (either line-by-line or in groups), the Compile Errors panel allows users to double-click on an entry and be taken to that line of code, the debugger works with the Flex debugger, converts timeline based motion tweens into structured XML, Acton Script 3 (new virtual machine), compiles files faster, and scroll wheel works on the stage and in the timeline.
"Getting Started with ActionScript 3"
Tutorial: "Beginners Guide to Getting Started with ActionScript 3 (Without Learning Flex)," from Discusses obtaining the compiler, Flex Builder, Flex SDK, mxmic.exe, using mxmic.exe, drag and drop, the command line, batch (.bat) files, using make.bat, working with ActionScript 3, displaying objects in ActionScript 3,, graphics and the drawing API, embedding assets within a SWF (Small Web Format/Shockwave Flash—a vector graphics file format), event handling, ActionScript class structure, transitioning from ActionScript 2, member access, data typing, default values, parameters, arguments, source files, and the output panel.
“Macromedia and Adobe Flash: An Overview”
Sample chapter: “Macromedia and Adobe Flash: An Overview,” from Foundation Flash Applications for Mobile Devices, December 2006, by Weyert de Boer, Scott Janousek, and Richard Leggett. Presents a brief history of Flash, ActionScript, object-oriented programming, ActionScript 2.0, ActionScript 3.0, and rich Internet applications (RIAs).

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