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JSON Resource Center

AJAX/JSON Conferences and Training CoursesMinimize
Ajax Training with JSP
Ajax Training with JSP is a 4-day course from Webucator that covers Ajax basics, Ajax frameworks, the HTML document object model, XML and Ajax, Ajax applications, object-oriented JavaScript and refractoring Ajax, JavaScript Object Notation (SON), JSON syntax, JSON parsers, JSON advantages and disadvantages, XSLT transformations with JavaScript, and drag and drop.
Ajax Training Course
Ajax Training Course is a 3-day course offered by Marakana, Inc. (specializes on training for corporations and governments). The course covers an Ajax and XML overview, JavaScript, the document object model (DOM), the XMLHttpRequest object, CSS, frameworks and toolkits, JSON, JSON syntax, JSON parsers, JSON data transfer between client and server, XSLT, XPath, and drag and drop.
AJAX World Conference and Expo
AJAX World Conference and Expo, September 24-26, 2007, Santa Clara, CA. JSON sessions include: Keynote from the creator of JSON Douglas Crockford: AJAX the Browser Application Platform, AJAX’s Achilles Heel (XML vs. JSON); and JSON: Making the ‘X’ in AJAX Superfluous. Additional sessions include: Case Study: Make AJAX Work for Your Site and Your Users—How to Improve product Selection; Encapsulating AJAX Functionality in Java ServerFaces Components; Secure Web 2.0 Technologies Now go Beyond Wikis and Blogs to Significantly Improve Enterprise Productivity; Scaling AJAX: The Promise and the Challenge of Modern Web Development; A Study of AJAX Vulnerabilities and Hacking Techniques; AJAX Accessibility: What You Need to Know; AJAX for Applications and Portals—Beyond Enriching HTML Pages; AJAX Gets into OSGi (Open Services Gateway initiative) via Eclipse; AJAX Enterprise Applications; AJAX in Your Desktop; and Creating AJAX Powered Forms with the Dojo Toolkit.

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