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“JSON for the Masses”
Article: “JSON for the Masses,” by Dustin Diaz. Discusses reasons for JSON, what object notation in JavaScript is, naming, values, organization, a typical common.js file, scoping, functional programming and an object template.
“Using Dojo and JSON to Build AJAX Applications”
Article: “Using Dojo and JSON to Build AJAX Applications,” by Zarar Siddiqi. Discusses how to build AJAX-enabled web applications using Dojo (an open source JavaScript toolkit) and JSON, what Dojo is, what JSON is, a simple HTTP request, using JSON to transport Java objects, the transferring and handling of JSON-encoded data, what a Dojo widget is, widget components, accessing user interface elements and programming a widget.
“Convert XML to JSON in PHP”
Article: “Convert XML to JSON in PHP,” by Senthil Nathan, Edward. J. Pring, and John Morar. Discusses XML basics, JSON basics, browser-side data processing, XML to JSON conversion, understanding the PHP code and implementing a test driver.
“JSON Guide”
Article: “JSON Guide: A Guide to Using the JSON Resource Model on NetKernel.” from NetKernel. Discusses scripting JSON, parsing JSON, serializing JSON, using JSON between client and server-side JavaScript and JSON to and from XML.
“Dynamic Webpages with JSON”
Article: “Dynamic Webpages with JSON,” by Ajay Raina and John Jimenez. Discusses building mashup applications with JSON, adding asynchronous features to web pages, Web 2.0, AJAX, cross-domain issues with AJAX, name/value pairs, ordered lists of values, cross-domain issues of JSON and server-side extensions.
“Quick Guide to Somewhat Advanced JavaScript”
Article: “Quick Guide to Somewhat Advanced Tour of Some OO Features,” by Sergio Pereira. Discusses JSON, functions, arrays, items, object members, classes and functions as arguments. Examples are provided in sample code.
“Using JSON with Google Data APIs”
Article: “Using JSON with Google Data APIs,” from the Google Data APIs Developers Guide. Discusses how to request JSON output from services that support Google data APIs, how to use JSON in applications, JSON feeds, XML feeds, requesting and using JSON feds, JSON output and JSON-in-script output.
“JSON Support for Apache Axis2”
Article: “JSON Support for Apache Axis2,” by Isuru Suriarachchi. Discusses what JSON is, JSON support for Axis2, architecture of JSON support implementation in Axis2, how to use JSON in Axis2, the JSON integration test, and a Yahoo/JSON sample.
“The Case for JSON: What is It? And Why Use It?”
Article: “The Case for JSON: What is It? And Why Use It?” by Matthew Batchelder. Discusses what JSON is, the JSON structure, JSON over XML, JSON and AJAX and JSON and cross-domain scripting.
“JSON pros and Cons”
Article: “JSON pros and Cons,” by Alexander Ananiev. Information is presented in chart format and discusses what JSON is, compares JSON to XML, lists JSON’s strengths including serializing and de-serializing JavaScript objects, browser support, its concise format, supported by AJAX toolkits and JavaScript libraries, it’s a simple API; JSON’s weaknesses including no formal grammar support, poor extensibility, limited development tool support, narrow focus and no web services support.
“Mastering AJAX: Using JSON for Data Transfer”
Article: “Mastering AJAX: Using JSON for Data Transfer,” by Brett McLaughlin. Discusses name/value pairs and XML, JSON basics, simple JSON examples, arrays of values, using JSON in JavaScript, accessing data, modifying JSON data and converting to strings.

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