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JSON Resource Center

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Parse JSON Using Python
The Yahoo! Developer’s Network Parse JSON using Python information page. Discusses JSON libraries for Python, the simplejson library, an example of searching the web using simplejson and error handling. A link is provided to the simplejson documentation.
Using JSON with Yahoo! Web Services
The Yahoo! Developer’s Network information on using JSON with Yahoo! web services. Overviews the JSON format (includes objects, object members, arrays, values and strings), discusses how to request JSON output (using output=json), the callback parameter (callback=function), using JSON in script or applications, security concerns and JSON vs. XML.
“Speeding Up AJAX with JSON”
Article: “Speeding Up AJAX with JSON,” by Sean Kelly. Discusses AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), HTTP requests, the XMLHttpRequest object, content-type headers, the DOM (Document Object Model), JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), compares JSON syntax to XML syntax, XML vs JSON, using the JavaScript compiler to parse JSON, JSON reliability and server-side JSON.

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Update :: January 23, 2020