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JSON Resource Center

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JSON Specification (RFC 4627)
JSON Specification (RFC 4627). The specification explains what JSON is and discusses grammar, values, objects, arrays, numbers, strings, encoding, parsers, generators, and security considerations. Examples are given for a JSON object and a JSON array containing two objects.
JSON-RPC Specifications
Wiki: The JSON-RPC Specifications. Topics include the request, a method invocation (includes a method, params, and id), the response (properties include result, error and id), a notification (a special request), the JSON-RPC over stream connections, JSON-RPC over HTTP, and the JSON class hinting.
The JSON-lib transforms beans, maps, collections, arrays and XML into JSON. A chart shows the conversion types between Java and JavaScript and includes the JSON string, number, true/false, null, function, array and object. Additional resources include links to download the library, information on how to use the library, build instructions, who is using the library (projects and descriptions), a FAQ, project information and reports (including changes, bugs and documentation).

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Update :: January 23, 2020