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JSON Resource Center

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Free JSON Tools
Free JSON tools. A series of open source JSON tools that include a parser (converts JSON text files into a Java model), a renderer (renders Java representation into text), serializer (provides a mechanism for coping with Java data structure), a mapper (for data that is communicating between Java and other programming languages that parse JSON), and a validator (validates the contents of a JSON file).
Open Source JSON Libraries
Free open source JSON libraries. The libraries include the JSONER—a JavaScript library to simplify commonly used operations performed with JSON objects. Features include data look up in JSON structure, data binding, populate HTML form by JSON structures, create HTML form and other components dynamically, compare JSON trees, transformation of JSON objects, transform JSON objects to maps, and an event-based API. The JSINER—a library to simplify the development of object-oriented code using JavaScript. Its features include JavaScript inheritance, supports lazy inheritance, resolves external JavaScript file references, manages external scripts for HTML pages, and has minimal impact to caller code.

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Update :: January 23, 2020