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JSON Resource Center

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“Using JSON with the Dojo Toolkit”
Tutorial: “Using JSON with the Dojo Toolkit,” by Sang Shin (a Java technology architect at Sun Microsystems). A step-by-step lab on the basics of using the JSON data format with the Dojo toolkit. The lab covers using JSON as a data format, opening a NetBeans project, a Dojo-JSON sample application and adding a field to a class.
“Preloading Data with AJAX and JSON”
Tutorial: “Preloading Data with AJAX and JSON,” by Ryan Campbell. Discusses what JSON is, determining what to preload, getting initial data, paging, controlling the navigation, improvements and possibilities.
“JSON AJAX Web Chat”
Tutorial: “JSON AJAX Web Chat,” by Ryan Smith. Discusses creating chat tables, the HTML skeleton, the JavaScript, client-side JSON, sending a message, the backend, creating a response, and usability additions.
“A Simple and Universal Data Exchange Format”
Tutorial: “JSON: A Simple and Universal Data Exchange Format,” from XUL AJAX. Discusses benefits of using JSON, the JSON syntax (objects, arrays and values), the JSON file, how to use the format, client-side browser, the server side, data exchange and YAML (Yet Another Markup Language—a data exchange format) and JSON.
“How to Add flickr Images Using JSON”
Tutorial: “How to Add flickr Images Using JSON,” by Gavin Brogan. Discusses what a mashup is, what JSON is, the use of curly braces, nesting, using a function call, what flickr is and script tags.

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Update :: January 23, 2020