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Java Resource Center


Advanced Java Topics Tutorials
Free online Course: Introduction to the Collection
Free online course entitled, “Introduction to the Collections Framework.” Topics covered include collection interfaces and classes, special collection implementations, historical collection classes, algorithm support, usage issues and more. Also includes exercises and links to resources.
Free Online Course: Introduction to CORBA
Free online course entitled “Introduction to CORBA” covers distributed applications, a walkthrough of CORBA, the stock application, implementing a CORBA client, object implementations and object adapters. Includes exercises and links to resources.
Free Online Course: jGuru: Remote Method Invocatio
Free online course entitled, “jGuru: Remote Method Invocation: Introduction” provides an introduction to distributed computing with Remote Method Invocation (RMI). Discusses Java RMI architecture, naming remote objects, using RMI, parameters, RMI client-side callbacks, distributed garbage collection, serializing remote objects, mobile agent architectures and more. Includes exercises.
Tutorial: A New Era for Java Protocol Handlers
Online tutorial entitled, “A New Era for Java Protocol Handlers” discusses the architecture and class structure and how to create a custom protocol handler.

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Update :: January 17, 2020