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Java Resource Center


Java Servlets
Tomcat Home Page
Home page for Tomcat—the servlets and JavaServer Pages reference implementation.
Resources for Servlets and JSP Technologies
Provides news, tools and documents for servlets and JSP technologies.
J2EE Information and Resources is dedicated to information and resources for J2EE.
Expresso Framework
Home of the open-source Expresso Framework, which includes a library of extensible servlet components to help speed Web application development.
ServletInc's Servlet Developers Forum
ServletInc's Servlet Developers Forum provides resources for server-side Java developers and information about Web servers that support servlet technologies.
Free Open-Source Java Servlets
Provides free open-source Java servlets.
Servlet Resources
Provides a list of links to resources on servlets and other technologies.
Java Skyline Magazine
Java Skyline is a free online magazine for servlet developers.
RFC (Requests for Comments) Editor
The RFC Editor provides a search engine for RFCs (Requests for Comments). Many of these RFCs provide details of Web-related technologies. RFCs of interest to servlet developers include URI in WWW (RFC 1630), URI: generic syntax (RFC 2396), HTTP State Management Mechanism (RFC 2109), Use and Interpretation of HTTP Version Numbers (RFC 2145), Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol (RFC 2324), HTTP/1.1 (RFC 2616) and HTTP Authentication: Basic and Digest Authentication (RFC 2617).
Jakarta Project
This is the Apache Project's home page for the Jakarta Project, which consists of subprojects for various Java open source libraries, tools, APIs, application frameworks and applications.
Sun Microsystems Servlet Page
The servlet page at the Sun Microsystems, Java Web site provides access to the latest servlet information and servlet resources.
Tutorial: Java Servlets and JavaServer Pages
A Tutorial on "Java Servlets and JavaServer Pages” By Marty Hall, author of Core Servlets and JavaServer Pages. Includes overviews of Servlets and JSP, installation and set-up information, cookies, session handling, HTTP response headers, JSP scripting, JSP directives, predefined variables and more.
Tutorial: Servlet Essentials
Tutorial entitled “Servlet Essentials” by Stefan Zeiger teaches you how to create Java Servlets. Topics include session tracking, cookies, servlets architecture, communication between servlets and more. This is designed for people with some Java experience.

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