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Java Resource Center


Java Web Services
Whitepaper: SOA and Web Service: The Performance P
Whitepaper entitled, “SOA and Web Service: The Performance Paradox”, discusses how SOA and Web Services simplify communication yet make the environment into which they are deployed more complex.
Overview of Web Services,1410,31871,00.html
Three-part article entitled, “On Her Majesty's Web Service.” Part 1 overviews Web Services, SOAP and Tomcat in JBuilder. Part 2 shows you how to build Web services using JBuilder. Part 3 shows you how to deploy Web Services using Borland Enterprise Server.
Webinar: Realizing Web Services Interoperability
Webinar entitled, “Realizing Web Services Interoperability,” discusses the challenges of Web services interoperability, the evolution of the Web services standards stack, and the role of WS-I—the industry organization formed to address this issue.
The Java Web Services Tutorial
“The Java Web Services Tutorial” is a nine-chapter tutorial designed for Java developers. Topics include Binding XML Schema to Java Classes with JAXB, using JAXB, Streaming API for XML, security, XWS-security sample applications, Java XML Digital Signature API, using the Service Registry Web Console and more.

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Update :: January 17, 2020