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Java Design Patterns Resource Center


Java Design Patterns Code
A Look at the Composite Design Pattern
Article: “A Look at the Composite Design Pattern,” by David Geary. Discusses the composite pattern (diagram), and the composite pattern and Struts tiles. Includes sample code.
An Inside View of the Observer
Article: “An Inside View of the Observer,” by David Geary. Discusses the observer pattern, how the observer pattern works (diagrams), Java 2 SDK and the observer pattern, anonymous inner classes, the JavaBeans event handler, observers that can veto, implementing the observer pattern and more. Includes sample code.
Singleton Pattern
Article: “Simply Singleton: Navigate the Deceptively Simple Singleton Pattern,” by David Geary. Discusses the singleton pattern, test singletons, multithreading considerations, synchronization, performance enhancement, a thread-safe singleton implementation, use of a registry, using reflection, encapsulate a registry, classloaders, and serialization. Includes sample code.
Façade Clears Complexity
Article: “Façade Clears Complexity,” by David Geary. Discusses a description of design patterns (diagram), Swing’s built-in façade pattern: JOptionPane, a diagram of the JOptionPane, a Swing application façade, using façades to create a localized dialog, and the ApplicationSupport façade. Includes sample code.
Adapters Let Disparate Systems Work Together
Article: “Adopt Adapter: Understanding How Adapters Let Disparate Systems Work Together,” by David Geary. Discusses the document object model (DOM), JTree, Model-View-Controller (MVC), the user interface (UI) builder, a file explorer, and the adapter pattern. Includes sample code.

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Update :: November 15, 2019