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Java Design Patterns Resource Center


Java Design Patterns Tutorials
Design Patterns in Java Application Development
Slide Presentation: "Using Design Patterns in Java Application Development," by Michael P. Redlich. Discusses what design patterns are, how design patterns solve design problems, categories of design patterns, creational patterns, structural patterns, behavioral patterns, the factory method, the decorator, the mediator, and the observer.
Build Better Web Sites Using Translator Pattern
Tutorial: "Build Better Web Sites Using the Translator Pattern," by Donald Bell. Discusses the Translator object, Translator Pattern parts: the JSP file, the servlet, and the Translator object.
Design for Easy Code Maintenance
Tutorial: "Diagnosing Java Code: Design for Easy Code Maintenance," by Eric Allen. Discusses mutability and decipherability, functional style, reuse, controlling mutation, private methods, final methods, final classes, unit tests, and refactoring tools.
The Orphaned Thread Bug Pattern
Tutorial: "Diagnosing Java Code: The Orphaned Thread Bug pattern," by Eric Allen. Discusses the orphaned thread pattern, symptoms of the bug pattern, and cures and preventions.
Java Modeling: A UML Workbook, Part 4
Tutorial: "Java Modeling: A UML Workbook, Part 4," by Granville Miller. Discusses modeling external interactions, identifying external interactions, requirements, implementation, the Session Façade pattern, and modeling with session beans.
The Run-on Initializer Bug Pattern
Tutorial: “Diagnosing Java Code: The Run-on Initializer Bug pattern,” by  Eric Allen. Discusses run-on initialization (a condition caused when code initializes a class by calling a constructor and several other actions that set fields), errors from run-ons, what to do when your hands are tied, and including methods that only throw exceptions.
How Antipatterns Can Improve Your Programs
Tutorial: “A Taste of ‘Bitter Java:’ How Antipatterns Can Improve Your Programs,” by Bruce Tate. Discusses repeating successful strategies with design patterns, avoiding painful traps with antipatterns (pitfalls), other uses of antipatterns, examples of antipatterns in the Java language, and using an antipattern process (includes a diagram).
Using Temporal Logic with Bug Patterns
Tutorial: “Diagnosing Java Code: Using Temporal Logic with Bug Patterns,” by Eric Allen. Discusses the dangling composite bug pattern, the saboteur data bug pattern, the orphaned thread bug pattern, the fictitious implementation bug pattern, and tying up your loose ends.
Developing Java Solutions Using Design Patterns
Tutorial: “Developing Java Solutions Using Design Patterns,” by Kelby Zorgdrager. Discusses the command pattern, reusability, design reusability, and gives 3 examples.

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