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Java SE 6 Resource Center


Dynamic Tracing Framework (DTrace)
Performance Tuning of Java SE Applications
Slide presentation: "Performance Tuning of Java SE Applications," by Inyoung Cho, Sun Microsystems. Inc. Discusses best practice for optimal performance, Java SE performance features, profiling, monitoring, and Dtrace and Java.
Solaris Dynamic Tracing Guide
Solaris Dynamic Tracing Guide, Sun Microsystems, Inc. Topics covered include types, operators, extensions, variables, D program structure, pointers and arrays, strings, structs and unions, type and constant definitions, aggregations, actions and subroutines, buffers and buffering, output formatting, speculative tracing, Dtrace(1M) utility, scripting, options and turnables, dtrace provider, lockstat provider, profile provider, fbt provider, syscall provider, sdt provider, sysinfo provider, vminfo provider, proc provider, sched provider, io provider, mib provider, fpuinfo provider, pid provider, plockstat provider, fasttrap provider, user process tracing, statically defined tracing for user applications, security, anonymous tracing, postmortem tracing, performance considerations, stability, translators, and versioning.
Dynamic Instrumentation of Production Systems
White Paper: "Dynamic Instrumentation of Production Systems," by Bryan M. Cantrill, Michael W. Shapiro, and Adam H. Leventhal. Discusses dynamic instrumentation, unified instrumentations, arbitrary kernel instrumentation, data integrity, arbitrary actions, predicates, high-level control language, speculative tracing, heterogeneous instrumentation, Linux trace toolkit, DProbes, K42, kerninst, DTrace architecture, providers and probes, actions and predicates, buffers, DIF, DIF safety, providers, function boundary tracing, statically-defined tracing, lock tracing, system call tracing, profiling, D language, program structure; types, operators and expressions, user variables, variable scopes, associative arrays, strings, aggregating data, aggregating functions, aggregations, user-level instrumentation, speculative tracing, experience, and future work.
Fast Track to Solaris 10 Adoption: Dynamic Tracing
"Sun Expert Exchange: Fast Track to Solaris 10 Adoption: Dynamic Tracing," April 2005, Sun Microsystems, Inc. This is a 12-page transcript of a session with DTrace experts at Sun Microsystems.
Dynamic Tracing Framework
"XPert Transcript: DTrace—Dynamic Tracing Framework," from Sun Microsystems, Inc. Questions and their answers about DTrace from the development team. If you have a question that has not been addressed, you can submit your query to the development team.
DTrace: Using DTrace from a Solaris 10 System
"DTrace: Using DTrace from a Solaris 10 System," from Sun Microsystems, Inc. Topics include an introduction to DTrace (explaining what it is and how it works), an introduction to D scripts, probe, predicate, action, DTrace for developers, the pid provider, other useful scripts, DTrace for system administrators, the syscall provider, the proc provider, the sched provider, and the io provider.

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