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Java SE 6 Resource Center


Enhancements in Java SE 6 (Mustang)
Start Saddling Up for Mustang
Article: "Start Saddling Up for Mustang: Explore some of the new features in Java SE 6," by Jeff Friesen. Discusses Mustang's console I/O, partition-space methods, and APIs that work with splash screens and the system tray.
Sun Previews Next Version of Java
Article: "Sun Previews Next Version of Java: Mustang Release to Feature Web Services, Performance, Ease-of-Development," by Paul Krill of InfoWorld.
New Splash-Screen Functionality in Mustang
Article: "New Splash-Screen Functionality in Mustang," by Oleg Semeno, engineer on the Sun Microsystems J2SE team, and Dana Nourie, staff writer for
The New Modality API in Mustang
 Article: "The New Modality API in Mustang," by Artem Ananiev (software engineer at Sun Microsystems) and Dana Nourie (staff writer for Topics include modality types, learning the new constructors, working with owners, related AWT features, and more.
Using the Desktop API in Java SE 6 (Mustang)
Article: "Using the Desktop API in Java SE 6 (Mustang)," by John O'Conner, a technology evangelist, engineer and writer at Sun Microsystems. Topics include an overview of the desktop, running the DesktopDemo application, determining Desktop API support, opening the browser, sending an email, and opening, editing and printing a file. Includes sample code downloads.
Take Charge of Desktop Integration with Java SE 6
Article: "Take Charge of Desktop Integration with Java SE 6: With the release of the Java Standard Edition 6.0 Beta, Java developers no longer need to contend with clamp-on solutions or Java Native Interface (JNI) to make their applications interact with desktop products and features. These desktop-integration features now are part of the core," by Gautam Shah. Shows you how to create an application using Java SE 6 and Apache Ant. Includes sample code downloads.
Java 2 SE 6.0 Aesthetics Preview
Article: "Java 2 SE 6.0 Aesthetics Preview," discusses the graphical features of Java SE 6.
Java SE 6 First Impressions
Article: "Java SE 6 First Impressions: A Desktop Winner: A veteran Java developer takes the Java Standard Edition 6 beta for a test drive and declares it has the potential to be revolutionary to the desktop," by Eric Bruno. Discusses new features and improvements including developer productivity, application management, Web services, and security.  
Using the Desktop API in Java SE 6 (Mustang)
Article: "Using the Desktop API in Java SE 6 (Mustang)," by John O'Connor. Discusses running the DesktopDemo application, determining desktop API support, opening the browser, sending email, and opening, editing and printing files.
New System Tray Functionality in Mustang
Article: "New System Tray Functionality in Mustang," by Robert Eckstein. Discusses the system tray, accessing the system tray, implementing tray icons, and helpful features.
Core Java Technology Features in Mustang

Article: "Core Java Technology Features in Mustang," by the Sun JDK Core Engineering Team. Discusses Java programming language and tool APIs, Core libraries, security and networking, enterprise client XML, Java Management Extensions ((JMX), and serviceability.

Update: Desktop Java Features in Mustang
Article: "Update: Desktop Java Features in Mustang," by Chet Haase, Scott Violet, Dennis Mikhalkin, Masayoshi Okutsu, and Stanley Ho. Discusses Java Foundation Classes, Swing technology, the Java 2D API, Internationalization, AWT, and deployment.
More Enhancements in Java SE 6 (Mustang)
Article: "More Enhancements in Java SE 6 (Mustang)," by Robert Eckstein. Topics include setting file and directory permissions, obtaining space allocations on disks, representing tabs in JTabbedPane with components, and SwingWorker.
Enhancements To Java SE 6
Check out this spreadsheet that lists the features of and enhancements to Java SE 6.

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