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Java SE 6 Resource Center


Java 2 SE (Mustang) Blogs
All Things Related to Java
James Gosling, CTO of Sun's Developer Products Group and one of the creators of Java, blogs about all things related to Java.
First Class Drag and Drop Support in Mustang
Blog entry: "First Class Drag and Drop Support in Mustang," by Shannon Hickey of Sun Microsystems.
Image I/O Improvements in Mustang
Blog entry: "400 Horsepower: Image I/O Improvements in Mustang," by Chris Campbell of Sun Microsystems.
Java Problems and Their Solutions
Donald Kittle, Java developer and architect, blogs about Java tips, and Java problems and their solutions. Includes entries on Mustang (Java SE 6) on Ubuntu (Flight 7).
J2EE Technologies Into Business Applications
This IBM Software Services blog for their WebSphere products also tells you how to integrate J2EE technologies into business applications.
10 Things You Need to Know About Java SE 6
Danny Coward of Sun Microsystems blogs about Java. This entry discusses the 10 things you need to know about Java SE 6 (Mustang), including Web services, scripting, databases, desktop APIs, monitoring and management, compiler access, pluggable annotations, desktop deployment, security, quality, compatibility and stability.
Java and Security Bits
Anderas Sterbenz's blog "Java and security bits." Discusses elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) in Java, SunPKCS11 and SunJSSE.
Java SE 6: Mustang and WS-TMI
Blog entry: "Java SE 6: Mustang and WS-TMI," by Danny Coward of Sun Microsystems. Discusses the subset of the Java Enterprise Edition Web Services stack that is featured in Java SE 6 (Mustang). Includes code snippets.
Goodbye 'J2SE', Hello 'Java SE'
Blog entry: "Goodbye 'J2SE', Hello 'Java SE'," by Gregg Hamilton, Vice President and Fellow in the Java platform team at Sun Microsystems. Discusses the changes in Sun's naming conventions for the Java products.
What is an MXBean
Blog entry: "What is an MXBean," by Eamonn McManus of the JMX team at Sun Microsystems. Discusses how to use MXBeans in Mustang.
Mustang Beta is Out! Here's What's New in Security
Sean Mullan of Sun Microsystems blogs about Java Security. Check out his blog entry entitled, "Mustang Beta is Out! Here's What is New in Security."
Java SE 6 and Other Java Developments
Madhura Dudhgaonkar of Sun Microsystems blogs about Java SE 6 (Mustang) and other Java developments.
Mustang Developments and Releases
Penni Henry, Mustang Program Manager at Sun Microsystems, blogs about Mustang developments and releases.
Java SE TCK (Technology Compatibility Kit) blog.
Chief Engineer For the Java 2 Platform on Mustang
Mark Reinhold, Chief Engineer for the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition, at Sun Microsystems, blogs about Mustang.
Latest Mustang News and Developments
Ray Gans of Sun Microsystems blogs about the latest Mustang news and developments.
Scripting Languages and Java
David Herron of Sun Microsystems' J2SE Quality Engineering team, blogs about scripting languages and Java.
Chet Haase's Favorite Features in Mustang
Check out this blog entry from Chet Haase, architect in the Java Client Group at Sun Microsystems, in which he discusses his favorite features in Mustang.

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