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Java SE 6 Resource Center


Java 2 SE (Mustang) White Papers
The Java Language: An Overview
White Paper: "The Java Language: An Overview," from Sun Microsystems, Inc. Discusses the characteristics of the Java programming language including its ease of use, object-orientation, network-savvy, robustness, security, architecture neutrality, portability; it is interpreted, high-performance, multithreaded, and dynamic.
About Microsoft's "Delegates"
White Paper: "About Microsoft's "Delegates,"" from the Java Language Team JavaSoft, Sun Microsystems, Inc. Discusses inner classes vs. method references, Adapter objects and delegation, a clickable button, sorting an array, performance issues, implementing delegates using reflection, and application footprint.
Java Web Start Overview
White Paper: "Java Web Start Overview," May 2005, Sun Microsystems, Inc. Discusses installing and using the Notepad application, the Java runtime environment installation and version management, integration with the desktop, designing and packaging a Java Web Start application, packaging the application in JAR files, accessing resources in JAR files, developing applications for a Secure Sandbox, using the JNLP API, deploying a Java Web Start application, setting up the Web server, creating the JNLP file, placing an application on the Web server, creating a Web page, security, the Java Web Start Sandbox, providing for functionality beyond the Sandbox, and security the JNLP files.

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