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Java SE 6 Resource Center


Java HotSpot Technology
The Java HotSpot Virtual Machine
White Paper: "The Java HotSpot Virtual Machine," from Sun Developer Network. Discusses runtime, garbage collection, the client VM, server VM optimizations, the VM architecture, the memory model, handleless objects, two-word object headers, reflective data represented as objects, native thread support, generational copying collection, the mark-compact "old object" collector, the incremental "pauseless" garbage collector, ultra-fast thread synchronization, compilers, hot spot detection, dynamic deoptimization, the client compiler, the server compiler, and the impact on software reusability.
Tuning Java Virtual Machines (VMS)
Article: "Tuning Java Virtual Machines (VMS)," from BEA Weblogic. Discusses JVM tuning considerations, selecting a JVM, JVM heap size and garbage collection, specifying heap size values, automatically logging low memory conditions, manually requesting garbage collection, and setting Java HotSpot VM options.
Garbage Collection in the Java HotSpot VM
Article: "Garbage Collection in the Java HotSpot Virtual Machine," by Tony Printezis. Discusses generational garbage collection, the young generation, fast allocation, garbage collectors: the serial collector, the parallel collector, and the mostly-concurrent collector.
Java Virtual Machine for Desktops and Servers
Wikipedia entry for HotSpot—a Java Virtual Machine for desktops and servers.
Sun Developers Network Java HotSpot Technology
Sun Developers Network Java HotSpot Technology. Learn about the engine architecture, thread implementation, memory management, class data sharing, and ergonomics. Documentation is available on the Java VM specification, Java Native Inheritance (JNI) specification, HotSpot VM Command Line options, and a Java trouble-shooting and diagnostic guide. Links are provided to FAQs and forums for additional assistance.
HotSpot Virtual Machine FAQ
HotSpot Virtual Machine FAQ.
Virtual Machine FAQ on Garbage Collection
HotSpot Virtual Machine FAQ on garbage collection.

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