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Java SE 6 Resource Center


Java SE 6 (Mustang) Labs, Tutorials and Quiz
Speak Your Own Language with Web Scripting
Tutorial: "Speak Your Own Programming Language with Web Scripting: An Introduction to JSR 223's Web Scripting Framework," by Chaur Wu. Shows you how to use Java 2 SE 6 and Java Specification Request 223 scripting to run BoolScript code in a servlet container.
Build your own scripting language for Java
Tutorial: "Build your own scripting language for Java: An Introduction to JSR 223," by Chaur Wu. Discusses the Java Specification Request 223 scripting included in the Java SE 6. Shows you how to use the Scripting API (javax.script.*), package and deploy a language implementation, and make your script engine compilable and invocable.
Scripting for the Java Platform
Tutorial: "Scripting for the Java Platform," by Thomas Kunneth. Discusses the benefits of integrating Java and scripting languages, javax.script, constructing scripts, and script engines.
Parsing with StAX in JDJ 6.0
Tutorial: "Parsing with StAX in JDJ 6.0," by Deepak Vohra. Discusses push parsing vs. pull parsing, enter StAX, preliminary setup, writing with XMLStreamWriter, parsing with XMLStreamReader, and parsing with XMLEventReader.
Easily modifying and rebuilding JMX source code
Lab: "Easily modifying and rebuilding JMX source code from Java SE 6 source bundle," by Joel Feraud. Requirements for the lab including a text editor, a Mustang source bundle snapshot, Mustang SDK binaries, and Ant 1.5 or higher. The lab covers building the JMX classes, compiling and running a simple example that prints the JMX version, editing the file and rebuild JMX classes, rerunning the example, and running the example without the bootclasspath prepend option.
Client/Server BINGO
Tutorial: Learn how to build a client/server application for the game of BINGO.
Running Your First Java Application
This tutorial will assist you in compiling and running your first Java application. There are three versions, depending on your operating system (Microsoft Windows, UNIX/Linux, and Mac OS).
Series of Sun Java Tutorials
Series of Sun Java tutorials including getting started, learning the Java language, essential Java classes, collections, deployment, creating a GUI with JFC/Swing, IDL, Internationalization, 2D graphics, security, sound, JavaBeans, the extension mechanism, JDBC database access, RMI, reflection, custom networking, generics, inheritance, full-screen exclusive mode API, regular expressions, and drag-and-drop.
Java SE 6 (Mustang) Quiz
Test your Java SE 6 (Mustang) knowledge by taking this quiz. Once you have selected your answers you can submit them to see how you scored. Answers are provided when you complete the quiz.

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