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Java SE 6 Resource Center


Scripting Support in Java SE 6 (Mustang): JSR 223
Scripting Support in Mustang
Article: "Scripting Support in Mustang," by Peter Jensen of Object Computing, Inc. Topics include JSR 223 scripting, accessing the scripting engine, and the compilable and invocable interfaces.
Open Source Scripting Languages in Java
List of open source scripting languages in Java. A brief description of each language is given along with a link to additional information. Languages include Groovy, Jython, BeanShell, Rhino, JRuby, Tcl/Java, Jelly, Bean Scripting Framework (BSF), Sleep, ObjectScript, Punts, Judoscript, seppia, LuaJava, Yoix, Dynamic Java, Hecl, fscritp, Janino, JBasic, Nice, and InstantJ.
Scripting In and Around Java
Article: "Scripting in and around Java," by Tom O'Connor and John Viega. Discusses implementation of other scripting languages in Java, scripting Java, BeanShell, Pnuts, and original scripting languages for Java.
Scripting Java: The BeanShell JSR
Article: "Scripting Java: The BeanShell JSR," by Frank Sommers. Discusses dynamic scripting with BeanShell, rapid prototyping and dynamic program configuration, Java scripting standards, and language design in the JCP.
Speak Your Own Programming Language
Tutorial: "Speak Your Own Programming Language with Web Scripting: An Introduction to JSR 223's Web Scripting Framework," by Chaur Wu. Shows you how to use Java 2 SE 6 and Java Specification Request 223 scripting to run BoolScript code in a servlet container.
Build Your Own Scripting Language for Java
Tutorial: " Build your own scripting language for Java: An Introduction to JSR 223," by Chaur Wu. Discusses the "Java Specification Request (JSR) 223: Scripting for the Java Platform." Shows you how to use the Scripting API (javax.script.*), package and deploy a language implementation, and make your script engine compilable and invocable.

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