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Java SE 7 (Dolphin) Resource Center

OpenJDK 6 to be based off of OpenJDK 7

Article: “Open JDK 6 to be based off of Open JDK 7,” by Ryan Slobojan, editor of Sun is releasing a Java 6 version of OpenJDK to back-port the OpenJDK 7 codebase. Ryan Slobojan interviews Joseph Darcy, a Sun employee, providing a more detailed look into the Java SE 7 development.

The Open Road: Looking Ahead to Java 7

Article: “The Open Road: Looking Ahead to Java 7,” by David Flanagan. Explains the difference between the JDK7 and the OpenJDK projects and how they are connected. It also provides a brief overview of the release schedule, proposed language changes and projects of interest.

OpenJDK Source Release

Source code downloads for the OpenJDK Project. The open source projects are available under the current GNU licenses, however some binary components are covered under the Binary License for OpenJDK.

OpenJDK: How to Contribute to the OpenJDK Project

Learn more about contributing to the development of JDK 7. These suggestions will help you make successful contributions. Topics include working on a bug or enhancement that you are passionate about, and what to do before you invest time working on a change.


JDK 7 is also available in open source. Users can contribute to the open-source JDK specification defined in the Java Community Process. Check out the latest blogs on Planet JDK, join the discussion on one or more of the mailing lists, join the live conversation, get to know the existing groups that make up the community, survey the initial set of projects, read the tutorial on how to build and hack on the OpenJDK code with the NetBeans IDE and more.

Sun Java SE Platform Revealed to OpenJDK Community

Press release from the JavaOne Conference in San Francisco (May 8, 2007) announcing advances in the OpenJDK Project including new code, NetBeans Integration, governance board, and availability of compatibility tests.

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