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JavaScript Resource Center


Introduction to JavaScript
JavaScript: How Did We Get Here
Article: " How Did We Get Here?" by Steve Champeon. Discusses the early days of the web, Microsoft's response to JavaScript, an attempt at standardization with ECMAScript, fiefdoms of functionality and the current status of JavaScript.
JScript Wiki
Wikipedia entry for JScript—Microsoft's Active Scripting implementation of ECMAScript. The most recent version of the language, JScript .NET, is based on the ECMAScript version 4 standard. Includes a brief introduction to JScript, version information, a sample application and links to related Microsoft resources.
ECMAScript Wiki
ECMAScript is the standardized version of JavaScript or Microsoft's JScript (JavaScript and JScript are extensions of ECMAScript). Wiki topics include a history of ECMAScript, versions, dialects, version correspondence, fourth edition, ECMAScript variables and more.
JavaScript Wiki
Wikipedia entry for JavaScript. Includes a brief introduction to JavaScript—a scripting language developed by Netscape that is often used in website development. Topics include a history of JavaScript, usage, debugging, security, related languages and more.

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Update :: January 17, 2020