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JavaScript Resource Center


JavaScript Books
JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, August 2006, by David Flanagan. Starts with an introduction to JavaScript and then discusses lexical structure, datatypes and values, variables, expressions and operators, statements, objects, arrays, functions, classes, constructors, prototypes, modules, namesapces, pattern matching with expressions, scripting Java, JavaScript in web browsers, scripting browser windows, scripting documents, cascading style sheets, dynamic HTML, events, event handling, forms, form elements, cookies, client-server persistence, scripting HTTP, JavaScript and XML, scripted client-side graphics, and scripting Java applets and flash movies. References are included for core JavaScript and client-side JavaScript.

Professional JavaScript for Web Developers, April 2005, by Nicholas C. Zakas. Discusses what JavaScript is, ECMAScript basics, object basics, inheritance, JavaScript in a browser, DOM basics, regular expressions, browser and operating system detection, events, advanced DOM techniques, forms, data integrity, sorting tables, drag and drop, error handling, XML in JavaScript, client-server communication, web services, interacting with plugins, deployment, and the evolution of JavaScript.

PPK on JavaScript, September 2006, by Peter-Paul Koch. Discusses the concepts of JavaScript, overviews JavaScript, debugging, CSS vs. JavaScript, script planning, using the DOM, events, data retrieval, and Viewpoint. Sample scripts include a data table sort, show and hide form fields, and a drop-down menu.

Beginning JavaScript with DOM Scripting and Ajax: From Novice to Professional, July 2006, by Christian Heilmann. Discusses getting started with JavaScript, data, decisions, DHTML to DOM scripting, HTML and JavaScript, presentation and behavior, CSS and event handling, images and windows, navigation and forms, interaction with Ajax, data validation techniques, a dynamic gallery, using third-party JavaScript, and debugging.

Learning JavaScript, October 2006, by Shelley Powers. Discusses JavaScript data types and variables, operators and statements, JavaScript objects, functions catching events, cookies, connectivity, privacy, basic browser objects, the document object model (DOM), creating custom JavaScript objects, moving outside the page with Ajax, libraries, web services and fun APIs.

The JavaScript Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks, February 2006, by Cameron Adams and James Edwards. Discusses optimizing code, creating Ajax applications with XmlHttpRequest, DOM, creating menu systems, DHTML, and Ajax.

JavaScript and Ajax for the Web, 6E, August 2006, by Tom Negrino and Dori Smith. Is a step-by-step guide to learning JavaScript in task-based instructions.

Beginning JavaScript, 2E, May 2004, by Paul Wilton. Discusses JavaScript and the web, data types and variables, decisions, loops, functions, programming the browser, HTML forms, windows and frames, string manipulation, debugging, error handling, cookies, dynamic HTML, JavaScript and XML, using ActiveX plugins with JavaScript, server side scripting with ASP, and databases.

JavaScript Bible, 5E, March 2004, by Danny Goodman and Michael Morrison. Discusses getting started with JavaScript, browser and document objects, scripts and HTML documents, programming fundamentals, window and document objects, forms and form elements, strings, math, dates, scripting frames, multiple windows, document object reference, JavaScript core language reference, reserved words, HTML directive objects, table and list objects, navigation and environmental objects, embedded objects, scripting Java applets and plugins, debugging, security, cross-browser issues, and 9 application examples.

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