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JavaScript Resource Center


JavaScript Libraries and Frameworks
Yahoo! User Interface (YUI) Library
Build interactive web applications using the open source Yahoo! User Interface (YUI) Library—a set of utilities and controls written in JavaScript. It uses technologies including DOM, DHTML, AJAX and CSS. Site includes downloads, documentation, components, articles, cheat sheets, utilities, CSS tools, library controls, newsgroups and more.
MochiKit is a free, open source suite of JavaScript libraries to help you write web applications faster. Features include reliability, supporting documentation, adaptability, cross-platform and browser compatibility and more. Site includes MochiKit downloads, documentation, demos, a blog, a mailing list and projects.
Rico is an open source JavaScript library for creating rich Internet applications. Features include Ajax support, drag-and-drop functionality, cinematic effects and behaviors Site includes Rico downloads, demos, forums, a blog, tracking and resources.
jQuery is a Javascript library that makes writing JavaScript code easier by removing excess markup in some commonly used tasks. Site includes JQuery downloads, sample code, tutorials, demos, documentation, a blog, a mailing list, plugins, bug tracking and more.
Dojo is a free, open source JavaScript toolkit designed to make professional web applications development easier. Features inline API documentation, new accessibility features for the visually impaired, a charting engine for chart types using vector graphics, a 2D vector graphics API, translation support, chainable animations, extensible widget namespaces, automatic widget manifest loading, new widgets and more. Site includes downloads, a wiki, blog, information for developers, a blog, bug tracking and more.
Painless JavaScript Using Prototype
Article: "Painless JavaScript Using Prototype," by Dan Webb (February 2006). Topics include getting started with Prototype, helper functions, new string and number methods, enumerable and hash and more. Includes code examples.
moo.fx is a free, open source, small javascript effects library for use with prototype.js or the mootools framework. It's fast, easy to use, portable across multiple browsers and standards compliant. You can use it to modify CSS properties of HTML elements.
Check out Prototype—a JavaScript framework that makes dynamic web applications development easier. Features include toolkit for class-driven development and an Ajax library. Visit this site for the latest downloads, the subversion repository, related projects and more. is a JavaScript library for use with websites and web applications. Incorporates an animation framework, drag-and-drop capabilities, Ajax controls, DOM utilities and unit testing. It is used by numerous Web 2.0 companies. Download the software for free. Site includes a wiki, FAQ, forums, demos and more.

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