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JavaScript Resource Center


JavaScript Sample Chapters
Make Your Web site More Dynamic
Sample chapter: "Master JavaScript Basics to Make Your Web site More Dynamic," from No Starch Press. Topics include what JavaScript is and isn't, creating sample code, comparisons to CGI scripting, VBScript and Java; limitations of JavaScript, placement of JavaScript on a web page, and how to write JavaScript that will be understood on older browsers. This is a chapter from The Book of JavaScript, by David Thau.
JavaScript and XML
Sample Chapter: "JavaScript and XML," from The Definitive Guide, August 2006, by David Flanagan. Discusses obtaining XML documents, creating a new document, loading a document from a network, parsing XML text, XML documents from data islands, manipulating XML with the DOM API, XML versus HTML DOM, creating an HTML table from XML data, transforming XML with XSLT, querying XML with XPath, XPath examples, evaluating XPath expressions, W3C XPath API, serializing XML, expanding HTML templates with XML data, XML and web services, and ECMAScript for XML.
What is JavaScript?
Sample Chapter: "What is JavaScript?" from Professional JavaScript for Web Developers, April 2005, by Nicholas C. Zakas. Discusses a short history, JavaScript implementations, ECMAScript, ECMAScript editions, what ECMAScript conformance means, ECMAScript support in web browsers, the document object model (DOM), why the DOM is necessary, DOM levels, other DOMs, DOM support in web browsers, and the browser object model (BOM).
JavaScript's Role in the World Wide Web
Sample Chapter: "JavaScript's Role in the World Wide Web and Beyond," from JavaScript Bible, 5E, March 2004, by Danny Goodman and Michael Morrison. Discusses competing for web traffic, other web technologies, hypertext markup language (HTML and XHTML), cascading style sheets (CSS), server scripting, helpers and plugins, and JavaScript history and uses.
Introduction to JavaScript and the Web
Sample Chapter: "Introduction to JavaScript and the Web," from Beginning JavaScript, 2/e, May 2004, by Paul Wilton. Discusses what JavaScript is, why choose JavaScript, tools needed to create JavaScript web applications, the