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JavaScript Resource Center


JavaScript Tools and Scripts
Javascript Sound Kit
The Javascript Sound Kit is an open source wrapper for the ActionScript Sound Object, that allows you to use the Sound Object in Javascript as you would in ActionScript. Includes downloads, forums, RSS feeds with project updates and more.

JSSindex is an open source JavaScript Search Engine that allows you to search for documents in HTML, PS, PDF and DjVu files across multiple platforms without installing software on the machine. Site includes downloads, RSS feeds for project updates and more.

Download Teniga—an open source javascript editor plugin for the Eclipse platform. Features include runtime syntax error checking, content outline, code assistance, code format and syntax coloring. Site includes downloads, a bug and feature tracker, a forum, documentation and RSS feeds with project updates.
AJFORM is an open source JavaScript toolkit that submits data from a form in an HTML page and sends it to a specified JavaScript function without refreshing the page. Site includes downloads, a project and bug tracker, a forum, documentation, RSS feeds with project updates and more.
JISIRC is a free, open source JavaScript IRC client framework. It supports DCC Chats and Sends. Site includes downloads, documentation, source code, a bug and feature tracker, RSS feeds with project updates, forums and more.
Lightbox JS
Lightbox JS is a simple, customizable script for overlaying images on top of (not within) the current page. Site includes a list of benefits, instructions for using and customizing the script, downloads, troubleshooting, a blog and more.
Top 10 JavaScript Functions of All Time
Blog entry: "Top 10 JavaScript Functions of All Time," by Dustin Diaz. Functions include addEvent, addLoadEvent, getElementsByClass, cssQuery, toggle, insertAfter, inArray, getCookie, setCookie and eleteCookie. Includes code examples for each JavaScript function.
Dynamic Drive
Dynamic Drive is a repository for free JavaScripts and DHTML that anyone can use. Search for scripts by categories include calendars, date and time, document effects, dynamic content, form effects, games, image effects, galleries, mouseovers, slide shows, links and tooltips, menus and navigation, mouse and cursor, scrollers, text animations, user/system preference, window and frames, XML and RSS, and more. Site includes tools, forums and FAQs
Download TinyMCE—a free, open source, cross-platform, web-based Javascript HTML WYSIWYG editor control. Features include easy integration, customization using themes and plugins, customizable XHTML 1.0 output international language support, multiple browser support (Mozilla, MSIE, FireFox, Opera and Safari) and more. Site includes downloads, examples, plugins, support, a forum, documentation, a change log and user comments.
Download ToolMan DHTML to edit in place with JavaScript and CSS, and do drag-and-drop sorting. Site includes a few demos, downloads, examples, known bugs and a list of outstanding items to be developed.
Behaviour allows you to use CSS selectors to specify elements to which you can add javascript events. Site includes sample code, demos, the Behaviour.js downloads, documentation, a forum, real world sites that use the tool and more.

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Update :: January 17, 2020