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JavaScript Resource Center


JavaScript Training
Learning JavaScript
"Learning JavaScript" is a free on-line course. Topics include JavaScript vs. Java, interpreted programs vs. compiled programs, uses for JavaScript, syntax, placement, declaring variables, using operators, creating controls, functions, objects, events, document object model (DOM), alerts, prompts, confirms, form validation, the image object, mouse-over, creating flexible functions, loading images, testing, and pop-up windows.
JavaScript for Web Development
"JavaScript for Web development" is a 4-day instructor-led course open to the public at specific locations in the U.S. and Canada (Washington, DC, Chicago, Ottawa, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and New York City). Topics covered include the capabilities and limitations of JavaScript, client-side and server-side applications, JavaScript programming model, syntax, using built-in objects, creating animation and graphics, interacting with a browser, handling browser events, cookies, security, creating web pages using dynamic HTML, an overview of DHTML, and implementing DHTML.
JavaScript Programming
"JavaScript Programming" is a 3-day course open to the public at various locations around the United States. Topics covered include evolution of the JavaScript language, version of JavaScript, browser support, client-side vs. server-side JavaScript, foundations, dynamic HTML, implementing control structures, fundamental JavaScript directives, common applications (form validation, testing, event handlers, graphs, etc.), statements, operators, implementing functions, the object model, hierarchy, object properties, implementing arrays, cookies and event handling.
Mastering JavaScript
"Mastering JavaScript" is a 3-day instructor-led on-site course (for groups of three or more). Topics include an introduction to JavaScript, JavaScript language fundamentals (statements, variables, data types, operators, conditionals, loops and functions), JavaScript as an object-oriented language, forms, links, images, navigation, pop-up help, advanced form validation, and regular expressions.
Introduction to JavaScript
"Introduction to JavaScript" is available as an on-line course or a three-day, on-site, instructor-led course. It covers the basics of JavaScript, objects, methods, properties, variables, arrays, operators, functions, built-in functions, user-defined functions, built-in JavaScript objects, conditionals, loops, form validation, and working with images. Companies can offer the course via webcast to multiple locations simultaneously. Enrollment information and pricing are available on the site.

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