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JavaScript Resource Center


JavaScript Tutorials: Advanced
JavaScript Tutorial Given at ETech
Tutorial: "JavaScript Tutorial," presented by Simon Wilson at ETech March 2006. This is a three-hour tutorial. Links are included to the slides presented during the presentation as well as to a PDF for the session's notes. Photos from this session can be downloaded from FlickR (a link is provided) and there is a link to recent updates.
JavaScript Tutorial for Programmers
Tutorial: "JavaScript Tutorial for Programmers," by Andy Weiss. Discusses versions of JavaScript, embedding JavaScript, JavaScript grammar, variables, data types, operators, statements, functions, objects, and event handlers.
JavaScript Tutorial
Tutorial: "JavaScript Tutorial," by Lisa Cozzens, Amanda Kudler, and Izel Sulam. Discusses embedding JavaScript into an HTML document, variables, literals, arrays, operators, using JavaScript objects, functions, if/then statements, loops, and commenting.
Advanced JavaScript Tutorial
Tutorial: "Advanced JavaScript Tutorial," by Dave Thau. Discusses if-then-else, var, strain handling, cookies, timing events, browser problems, maps, preloading, common mistakes and debugging.
Doc JavaScript
Tutorials: The Doc JavaScript site has a series of JavaScript tutorials. Topics include JScript components, installing JScript, exception handling, creating windows forms, displaying information, polymorphism, inheritance, classes and namespaces, and reading DTDs with JavaScript.
NetBeans JavaScript Editor
Tutorial: "NetBeans JavaScript Editor," from Sun Microsystems. Discusses JavaScript editor features, the CSS editor extensions, and how to generate an Ajax callback from a template.
JavaScript Debugger in JavaScript for Mozilla
Tutorial: "JavaScript Debugger in JavaScript for Mozilla," by John Bandhauer. Discusses the architecture of built-in support, navigator start-up sequence, debugger start-up sequence, hook handling sequence, architecture of the debugger UI, new and modified native code, dependencies and unknowns, and engineering sequence.
Programmer's Guide to Regular Expressions
Tutorial: "Programmer's Guide to Regular Expressions," includes an introduction to regular expressions, RegExp syntax, declarations, flags, regular expressions patterns, and regular expressions methods and usage. Includes several examples.
Introductory Guide to Regular Expressions
Tutorial: "Introductory Guide to Regular Expressions," discusses regular expressions and patterns, categories of pattern matching characters, position matching, literals, character classes, repetition, alternation and grouping, back references, pattern switches, string and regular expression methods, string methods using regular expressions, RegExp methods and properties, RegExp instance properties, valid number, and valid date format.
External JavaScript and PHP
Tutorial: "External JavaScript and PHP," discusses referencing a PHP file vs. a .JS file). Topics include the syntax to referencing a PHP file using external JavaScript, and dynamically populating a JavaScript image slide show. Includes JavaScript code examples.
Conditional Compilation of JavaScript in IE
Tutorial: "Conditional Compilation of JScript/JavaScript in Internet Explorer," discusses a syntax overview, the @if, @elif, @else, and @end statements, the if-else logic, conditional compilation variables, used defined variables, and example of a try/catch statement.
JavaScript Closures 101
Tutorial: "JavaScript Closures 101," by Morris Johns. Discusses an example of a closure, lists seven example closures, and lists several important points to consider about closures.
JavaScript and Memory Leaks
Tutorial: "JavaScript and Memory Leaks." Discusses memory leaks, why memory leaks occur, closure of memory leaks, and additional leak patterns. Includes several code examples and memory graphs that show leakage patterns.

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