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JavaScript Resource Center


JavaScript Whitepapers
Access the true Power of JavaScript
Whitepaper: "Access the true Power of JavaScript with Object-Oriented Programming," from TechRepublic. Discusses the concepts of object-oriented programming (OOP), how JavaScript implements overloading, polymorphism, inheritance, and encapsulation.
A Look at What is Missing in JavaScript
Whitepaper: "A Look at What is Missing in JavaScript," from TechRepublic. Topics include what features are missing from JavaScript (such as constants, data types, and function overloading) and discusses the benefits of each of these features and how they would enhance JavaScript should they be added in the future.
Create a Multi-State Image Toolbar
Whitepaper: "Create a Multi-State Image Toolbar on Your Web Site with this JavaScript Guide," from TechRepublic. This tutorial demonstrates how you can create a three-state toolbar that handles different button states using JavaScript and DOM.
JavaScript Intro
Whitepaper: "JavaScript Intro," by Voodoo. Topics include embedding JavaScript into HTML pages, using JavaScript to enhance HTML pages, responding to user-initiated events, Java, and web development and design.

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Update :: January 17, 2020