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JavaScript Resource Center


JavaScript and the DOM
JavaScript and DOM Forum
HiveMinds forum for JavaScript and DOM. Topics discussed in this forum include scrolling an IFRAME sideways in JavaScript, DOM and MSIE's autocomplete, browser-specific debugging, JavaScript method reflection, JavaScript-to-Flash communication, event troubles and much more.
JavaScript and the Document Object Model
Tutorial: "JavaScript and the Document Object Model," by Nicholas Chase. Discusses using DOM instead of DHTML, the basic page, DOM and JavaScript, adding a new note element, adding style information, adding the content, and changing existing nodes (removing a node, replacing a node, and changing an existing node).
JavaScript and DOM
Tutorial: "JavaScript and DOM," discusses the Hello World example, text input/output, arithmetic, the if statement, the for loop, the while loop, and the do loop. Also includes sample JavaScript code for a Tic-Tac-Toe game.
Manipulating SVG Documents
Tutorial: "Manipulating SVG Documents Using ECMAScript (JavaScript) and the DOM," by Juliana Williams and Andreas Neumann. Discusses the basic SVG document tree, accessing elements and getting attribute values, setting the attributes of individual elements, checking and removing attributes, getting parent, child and sibling reference, creating new elements, removing and replacing elements, cloning elements, and reordering elements.
Using JavaScript to Work with the DOM
Article: "Using JavaScript to Work with the Document Object Model—Part 1," by Steven M. Schafer form Web Standards Programmer's Reference: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Perl, Python and PHP. Discusses the history of DOM, understanding the document object model (DOM), DOM node properties and methods, and traversing a document's nodes.
DOM Scripting: Best Practices
Sample Chapter: "Best Practices," from DOM Scripting: Web Design with JavaScript and the Document Object Model, September 2005, by Jeremy Keith. Discusses graceful degradation, pseudo-protocol, inline event handlers, the lessons of CSS, progressive enhancement, unobtrusive JavaScript, backward compatibility, and browser sniffing.
Web Design with JavaScript and the DOM
Book: DOM Scripting: Web Design with JavaScript and the Document Object Model, September 2005, by Jeremy Keith. Discusses a brief history of JavaScript, JavaScript syntax, the document object model (DOM), JavaScript image gallery, best practices, creating markup on the fly, enhancing content, CSS-DOM, animated slideshow, and the future of DOM scripting.
JavaScript and DOM Interfaces
Article: "Traversing and HTML Table with JavaScript and DOM Interfaces," from the Mozilla Developer Center. Discusses fundamental DOM methods, creating textnodes, inserting elements, creating new objects with the document object, removing nodes, creating a table dynamically, reviewing the HTML table structure, creating element nodes, inserting element nodes into a document tree, manipulating a table with DOM and CSS, getting a text node from a table, getting an attribute value, and hiding a column by changing style properties.
JavaScript Tutorial—The DOM Nodes and Tree
Tutorial: "JavaScript Tutorial—The DOM Nodes and Tree." Discusses the DOM tree, referencing the element nodes, referencing the attribute node, changing the attribute, referencing the text nodes, changing the text of a text node, creating new text nodes, removing existing text nodes, using document fragments, DOM tables, adding a row to a table, adding cells, element styles, reading applied element styles, rewriting style sheets, changing the href of a linked stylesheet, switching stylesheets, setting up the HTML, changing the stylesheet with the browsers' view menu, referencing the stylesheet's disabled property and title property, DOM style sheets, the CSS rule, normal style rules, @page rules, @front-face rules, @import rules, imported stylesheets, @media blocks, the stylesheets list, stylesheet cssRules collections, CSS rules, @import rules, DOM events. adding DOM event listeners, removing event listeners, referencing the elements that detect the event, preventing the default action, preventing other listeners from seeing the event, manually firing events, adding and removing listeners, and preventing the default action.
From DHTML to DOM Scripting
Sample Chapter: "From DHTML to DOM Scripting," from Beginning JavaScript with DOM Scripting and Ajax: From Novice to Professional, July 2006, by Christian Heilmann. Discusses JavaScript as the "behavior layer," object detection vs. browser dependence, progressive enhancement, JavaScript and accessibility, good coding practices, naming conventions, code layout, commenting, functions, short code via ternary operator, sorting and reuse functions, variable and function scope, and keeping scripts safe with the object literal.

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