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JavaScript Resource Center


Microsoft JScript
JScript Language Tour
"JScript Language Tour," from the Microsoft Developer's Network covers JScript arrays (types and uses), JScript assignment and equality (explains how values are assigned), JScript comments (how to use Jscript syntax), JScript expressions (how to combine various elements), JScript identifiers (how to create new names), JScript statements (overview), JScript data types (provides links to how to use the various data types), JScript variables and constants (links to explanations and uses), JScript objects (overview and how to create objects), JScript modifiers (how they are used), JScript operators (listing of operators and how they are used), JScript functions (describes the concept of functions and provides links to additional resources), coercion in JScript (how the compiler performs), copying, passing and comparing data explanations, JScript conditional structures (how JScript handles program flow), JScript reserved words (lists reserved words), and security considerations for JScript (how to avoid common security problems).
JScript Language Reference
"JScript Language Reference," from the Microsoft Developer's Network contains links to resources that explain the JScript features, links to errors (run-time and syntax), a listing of the methods, functions, objects, properties, and statements and links to additional resources for each.
Advanced JScript
Tutorial: "Advanced JScript," from the Microsoft Developer's Network discusses advanced object creation, recursion, variable scope, copying data, passing data, comparing data, arrays, special characters, troubleshooting, and conditional compilation, and conditional compilation variables.
JScript Fundamentals
Tutorial: "JScript Fundamentals" from the Microsoft Developer's Network discusses what JScript is and its relationship to other languages, writing JScript code, variables, data types, operators, operator precedence, controlling program flow, functions, objects, intrinsic objects, creating your own objects, and JScript reserved words.
JScript User's Guide
Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) JScript page. The JScript User's Guide includes an introduction to JScript, recursion, arrays, troubleshooting, creating and using regular expressions and more. The JScript Language Reference discusses the features of JScript, run-time and syntax errors, functions, methods, objects, operators, properties and statements.
JScript Wiki
Wikipedia entry for JScript—Microsoft's Active Scripting implementation of ECMAScript. The most recent version of the language, JScript .NET, is based on the ECMAScript version 4 standard. Includes a brief introduction to JScript, version information, a sample application and links to related Microsoft resources.

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