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Microsoft LINQ Resource Center

Microsoft LINQ Blogs
LINQ to XML Blog
The blog of Eric White (a program writer at Microsoft). Links and information include a tutorial that introduces functional programming (for LINQ users), query expressions, extension methods, local variable type inference, object and collection initializers, tuples and anonymous types, lazy evaluation, parsing WordML, and more.
LINQ to SQL Blog
The blog of Scott Guthrie (a product builder for Microsoft). Scott discusses LINQ to SQL topics that include an introduction to LINQ, defining Data Model classes, querying a database, updating a database, binding a user interface using the ASP:LinqDataSource control, retrieving data using stored procedures, executing custom SQL expressions, using a custom LINQ expression with the asp.LinqDataSource control, automatic properties, object initializers, collection initializers, extension methods, lambda expressions, query syntax and anonymous types.
Blogs on LINQ from O’Reilly Media site
The O’Reilly Media site blogs on LINQ and related technologies. Topics include XSLT, Xlinq, LINQ and XML, C# 3.0, XML, Silverlight, Windows DevCenter and more.
LINQ and Entity Framework
The blog of OakLeaf Systems, a software consulting organization specializing in Microsoft SQL Server 2005, SQL Server CE, .NET database, LINQ, ADO.NET Entity Framework and web services. Topics include LINQ to DataSets LinqDataView object, the wide finder problem with LINQ and PLINQ, changes from LINQ to SQL beta 2, changes to LINQ to XML, leveraged LINQ in ASP.NET 3.5 projects, LINQ-relayed sessions from Tech*Ed Developer 2007, and more.

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