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Microsoft LINQ Resource Center

Microsoft LINQ LINQ to Visual Basic
Programming Microsoft® LINQ
Programming Microsoft® LINQ, by Paolo Pialsori and Marco Russo (May 2008). Discusses writing queries natively in C# or Visual Basic with LINQ, the LINQ Project, the intricacies of LINQ, the LINQ architecture, LINQ classes, language features for C# and VB.
LINQ Resources
Julie Lerman's LINQ resources from her talk to the San Diego Dot Net User Group. The resources include links to LINQ Queries for C#, LINQ Queries for VB, a LINQ overview, lambda expressions for VB coders, LINQ best practices for VB (webcast), books and blogs.
LINQ for VB 2005
LINQ for VB 2005, by Fabio Claudio Ferracchiati (February 2007). Discusses LINQ to objects (for managing in-memory data), LINQ to ADO.NET (for accessing relational databases), and LINQ to XML (for manipulating XML documents).
Introducing Microsoft LINQ
Introducing Microsoft LINQ, by Paolo Pialorsi and Marco Russo (May 2007). Introduces LINQ (extensions to the Microsoft C# and Visual Basic programming languages), and discusses how to write queries natively in C# and Visual Basic, the LINQ architecture, LINQ classes and the language features for C# and Visual Basic.
Unleash The Power Of Query In VS "Orcas"
Article: "Visual Basic: Unleash The Power Of Query In Visual Studio (VS) 'Orcas,'" by Ting Liang and Kit George. Discusses Visual Basic and query integration, supported classes (Where, Order By and Select), understanding and using query results, LINQ syntax, the From clause, the Select clause, filyering with the Where clause, sorting with Order By, and other clauses.
Visual Basic LINQ Hands On Labs
"Visual Basic LINQ Hands on Labs for Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2," from Microsoft. The labs provide an introduction to the LINQ Project and cover Standard Query Operators and LINQ to SQL. Additional information includes system requirements, links to download files, and related resources.
Visual Basic 9: Deep Dive into LINQ Params=%7eCMTYDataSvcParams%5e%7earg+Name%3d%22ID%22+Value%3d%22103233248
Webcast: “Live from Redmond: Visual Basic 9—Deep Dive into LINQ,” presented by Amanda Silver (program manager on the Microsoft Visual Basic team). The webcast covers how LINQ features work, anonymous types, type inference, inline functions, extension methods, how these features work together. A demo of each feature is also presented.
LINQ in Action
LINQ in Action, by Fabrice Marquerie, Steve Eichert, and Jim Wooley (January 2008). Discusses an introduction to LINQ, C# and VB language enhancements, LINQ building blocks, getting familiar with LINQ to objects, working with LINQ and DataSets, beyond basic in-memory queries, getting started with LINQ to SQL, advanced LINQ to SQL features, LINQ to XML, querying and transforming XML, common LINQ to XML scenarios, extending LINQ, and LINQ in every layer.

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