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.NET 3.0 Resource Center


Getting Started with .NET 3.0
Designing FreeCell Using Expression and Visual Stu
Article: "Designing FreeCell Using Expression and Visual Studio Toolsets," by Unni Ravindranathan of Microsoft. The author uses WinFX (including Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Communication Foundation and Windows Workflow Foundation) to recreate the game FreeCell. Code is available for download.
WinFX Community Site
WinFX community site includes news, events, developer challenges (projects), blogs and more.
Executive Summary of WinFX
Executive summary explaining WinFX, including the Windows Communication Foundation, the Windows Presentation Foundation, the Windows Workflow Foundation and InfoCard.
Microsoft's WinFX is a new set of managed APIs. Visit the Microsoft WinFX Developer Center for overviews of WinFX and related technologies, sample applications, downloads, forums and more.
Introduction to WinFX
Wikipedia entry for WinFX, the new managed code APIs for the Windows Vista operating system. Includes an introduction to WinFX and the three WinFX frameworks: the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and the Windows Workflow Foundation (WF).

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Update :: November 15, 2019