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.NET 3.0 Resource Center


.NET 3.0 Blogs
Blog: BizTalk and Windows Workflow Foundation,guid,0fae3e73-7801-4cf6-a5a5-9370b0f99973.aspx
John Flander's, an instructor, blogs about BizTalk and Windows Workflow Foundation.
Blog: Windows Workflow Foundation (WF)
Paul Andrew, Windows Workflow Foundation Technical Product Manager at Microsoft, writes articles about Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) and includes links to articles, papers, conference sessions, and Webcasts.
Blog: Workflow, Service Oriented Architecture, and
Nick Malik's Inside Architecture blog discusses workflow, Service Oriented Architecture, enterprise architecture and more.
Blog: Indigo (WCF)
Vipul Modi, Software Design Engineer at Microsoft, blogs about Indigo (WCF). Blog entries include technical articles with code examples and Indigo announcements.
Blog: Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
Shy Cohen, Community Program Manager for WCF at Microsoft, blogs about the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), service orientation and more.
Blog: Indigo
Nicholas Allen of Microsoft blogs about Indigo. Entries include resources, articles and more.
Blog: Indigo, .NET, C#, ASP.NET, and SQL
Aaron Weiker blogs about Indigo, .NET, C#, ASP.NET, SQL and more.
Blog: Windows Presentation Foundation (Avalon)
Windows Presentation Foundation (Avalon) blog.
Blog: Avalon (WPF), XAML and Longhorn
Dave Massy of Microsoft blogs about Avalon (WPF), XAML and Longhorn.
Blog: WinFX News, Announcements, and Conference Se
Microsoft's Federal Government Developer and Platform Evangelism Team blog includes WinFX news, announcements, conference sessions and more.
Blog: Windows Communication Foundation and WinFX
Clemens Vasters of Microsoft blogs about the Windows Communication Foundation, WinFX and more.
Blog: WinFX Releases
Brad Abrams of Microsoft blogs about WinFX, managed code and design guidelines. The blog includes news and announcements about the latest WinFX releases.
Blog: WinFX News and Events
Ben Riga of Microsoft blogs about WinFX news and events.
Blog: WPF and WinFX
Kevin Moore of Microsoft's WPF team blogs about WPF and WinFX.
Blog: WPF Development
Nick Kramer of Microsoft's WPF team blogs about WPF development.
Blog: WPF, Windows Vista, and XAML
Michael Swanson of Microsoft's WPF team blogs about WPF, Windows Vista, XAML and more.
Blog: Pointers for Developing WPF Applications
Marcelo Lopez Liuz of Microsoft's WPF team includes pointers for developing WPF applications.
Blog: Developing Applications with WPF and XAML
Karsten Januszewski of Microsoft's WPF team blogs about developing applications with WPF, XAML and more.
Blog: WPF
Henry Hahn, Program Manager for Microsoft's WPF team, blogs about WPF and includes links to presentations, interviews, and whitepapers.
Links: WPF Side Shows, and Presentations Demos
Filipe Fortes, Program Manager for Microsoft's WPF team, includes great links to WPF slide shows, presentations demos and more.
Blog: Windows Vista, Windrows Presentation Foundat
Greg Schechter of Microsoft blogs about Windows Vista, Windrows Presentation Foundation, graphics, media, programming, animation and more.
Blog: Windows Vista and Windows Presentation Found
Tim Sneath of Microsoft blogs about Windows Vista, Windows Presentation Foundation and more.
Blog: Migration to Managed Code, WinFX, and Window
Adam Nathan from the Microsoft WPF team blogs about migration to managed code, WinFX, and Windows Vista.
Blog: WinFX, XAML, and WPF
Rob Relyea's blog discusses WinFX, XAML, WPF and more.
Blog: WinFX Development
Eric Nelson of Microsoft UK, blogs about WinFX development.
Blog: WinFX
Zia Khan's WinFX blog.
Blog: Microsoft Technologies Including WinFX
Dave Glover of Microsoft writes about several Microsoft technologies including WinFX.
Blog: Technical side of .NET Including WinFX
Thom Robbins of the MSDN Developer Program blogs about the technical side of .NET including WinFX.

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