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.NET 3.0 Resource Center


.NET 3.0 Training
Mastering Workflow Orchestration
Training: "Mastering Workflow Orchestration," is a three-day on-site course. Topics include an introduction to workflows, hosting workflow applications, activities, declarative and imperative workflows, sequential and state machine workflows, events and listeners, workflow message queues, Web services, delays, suspensions, persistence, accessibility, integrating business policies, authorizing activities, transactions, fault handling, runtime workflow modification and more.
Mastering Distributed Applications
Training: "Mastering Distributed Applications ," is a three-day on-site course. Topics include Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), practical service orientation, Windows Communication Foundation architecture, addresses, bindings, contracts, service hosting, error handling, maintaining WCF applications, debugging WCF applications, reliable messaging, extending proxies and dispatchers, asynchronous messaging operations, security and more.
Essential Windows Communication Foundation
Training: "Essential Windows Communication Foundation," is a four-day, instructor led course (on-site and public seminars available worldwide). Topics include WCF architecture, channels, bindings, messages, serialization, contracts, faults, callbacks, behaviors, hosting, diagnostics, secure communication, authorization, reliable messaging, queues, transactions, and interoperability.
Introducing Windows Communication Foundation
Training: "Introducing Windows Communication Foundation" is a four-day, instructor-led course (on-site and public seminars available worldwide). Topics include architecture, service orientation, Web services and standards, programming model, services and endpoints, address, binding, contracts, channels and factories, serialization and versioning, hosting and activation, claims-based security, reliable messaging and queueing, transactions, configuration, manageability, extensibility and migration.
Introducing Windows Presentation Foundation
Training: "Introducing Windows Presentation Foundation" is a four-day, instructor-led course (on-site and public seminars available worldwide). Topics include the WPF Framework Architecture, using controls, layout, data binding, styling and templates, 2D graphics, application model, resource management, building custom controls, animation, 3D graphics, deployment, and building connected WPF applications.
Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Master Clas
Training: Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Master Class. Topics in this five-day, instructor-led course include an introduction to service orientation, WCF essentials, contract design and factoring, data contracts, service instance management, operations, faults and errors, transactions, concurrency management, queued services, and security. Open-enrollment courses are offered worldwide.
Microsoft WinFX: Windows Presentation Foundation a
Training: "Microsoft WinFX: Windows Presentation Foundation and XAML" two-day instructor-led course. Topics include an overview of WinFX, introduction to declarative programming, XAML syntax, introduction to Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), working with Visual Studio 2005, 2D objects, 3D objects, controls and grids, document types, animation and transforms, events, styling, brushes, integration and Web applications.

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