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.NET 3.0 Resource Center


.NET 3.0 Webcasts
Webcast: "Windows Workflow Foundation Runtime Host
Webcast: "Windows Workflow Foundation Runtime Hosting and Services," with Israel Hilerio. This is a 33-minute presentation on how to host the workflow runtime in applications and how to create workflows.
Webcast: Announcing Windows Workflow Foundation
Webcast: "Scott Woodgate and Team—Announcing Windows Workflow Foundation." This is a 43-minute video presentation that demonstrates the Workflow Foundation.
Webcast: "Windows Workflow Foundation Runtime Host
Webcast: "Windows Workflow Foundation Runtime Hosting and Services," by Israel Hilerio. Discusses how to embed workflows in your applications.
Video Presentations from VSLive
Video: This site gives you access to seven hours of video presentations from VSLive. The sessions include the keynote address introducing Indigo, programming Indigo, building secure services, building reliable asynchronous services, service-oriented applications with Indigo and BizTalk, Indigo upgrade and interoperability, and building service-oriented applications today.
Webcast: "Indigo Security in a Nutshell"
Webcast: "Indigo Security in a Nutshell," with Doug Purdy. This is a 23-minute overview of the Indigo Security Programming Model.
Webcast: "Introduction to Indigo"
Webcast: "Introduction to Indigo," with Steve Swartz of Microsoft. This is a 15-minute overview of Indigo with a code walkthrough.
Webcast: "BizTalk Server and "Indigo"
Webcast: "BizTalk Server and "Indigo,"" with Scott Woodgate. This is a 16-minute demo that illustrates how BizTalk and Indigo work together.
Webcast: How to use Windows Presentation Foundatio
Webcast: Demo from the Mix06 Thailand conference shows you how to use Windows Presentation Foundation, XAML and Visual Studio 2005 to create a vacation travel log.
Webcast: Interview with WinFX General Manager
Webcast: Tim Sneath, Microsoft's WinFX Evangelist, interviews Michael Wallent, General Manager of the WinFX team at Microsoft. They discuss where WPF came from, where it is going and where it fits in Web 2.0.
Webcast: Windows Forms and Windows Presentation Fo
Webcast: "'Crossbow'—Windows Forms and Windows Presentation Foundation Interoperability," by Mike Henderlight of Microsoft. Discusses how to use Crossbow to build Windows Forms and Windows Presentation Foundation applications.
Webcast: Build Applications Using WinFX
Webcast: "Special Holiday Episode III: Connecting People, Programs and Devices Using WinFX." Don Box and Chris Anderson show you how to build applications using WinFX.
Webcast: "What is WinFX"
Webcast: "What is WinFX: The New Programming Interface Introduced in Windows 'Longhorn.'"

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