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Windows Communication Foundation (Code Name "Indigo")
Training: "Mastering Distributed Applications"
Training: "Mastering Distributed Applications," is a three-day on-site course. Topics include Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), practical service orientation, Windows Communication Foundation architecture, addresses, bindings, contracts, service hosting, error handling, maintaining WCF applications, debugging WCF applications, reliable messaging, extending proxies and dispatchers, asynchronous messaging operations, security and more.
Training: "Essential Windows Communication Foundat
Training: "Essential Windows Communication Foundation," is a four-day, instructor led course (on-site and public seminars available worldwide). Topics include WCF architecture, channels, bindings, messages, serialization, contracts, faults, callbacks, behaviors, hosting, diagnostics, secure communication, authorization, reliable messaging, queues, transactions, and interop.
Training: Windows Communication Foundation Master
Training: Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Master Class. Topics in this five-day, instructor-led course include an introduction to service orientation, WCF essentials, contract design and factoring, data contracts, service instance management, operations, faults and errors, transactions, concurrency management, queued services, and security. Open-enrollment courses are offered worldwide.
Training: "Introducing Windows Communication Found
Training: "Introducing Windows Communication Foundation" is a four-day, instructor-led course (on-site and public seminars available worldwide). Topics include architecture, service orientation, Web services and standards, programming model, services and endpoints, address, binding, contracts, channels and factories, serialization and versioning, hosting and activation, claims-based security, reliable messaging and queueing, transactions, configuration, manageability, extensibility and migration.
Video: Keynote Address Introducing Indigo
Video: This site gives you access to seven hours of video presentations from VSLive. The sessions include the keynote address introducing Indigo, programming Indigo, building secure services, building reliable asynchronous services, service-oriented applications with Indigo and BizTalk, Indigo upgrade and interoperability, and building service-oriented applications today.
Webcast: "Indigo Security in a Nutshell"
Webcast: "Indigo Security in a Nutshell," with Doug Purdy. This is a 23-minute overview of the Indigo Security Programming Model.
Webcast: "Introduction to Indigo"
Webcast: "Introduction to Indigo," with Steve Swartz of Microsoft. This is a 15-minute overview of Indigo with a code walkthrough.
Webcast: "BizTalk Server and "Indigo"
Webcast: "BizTalk Server and "Indigo,"" with Scott Woodgate. This is a 16-minute demo that illustrates how BizTalk and Indigo work together.
Tutorial: WCF Essentials: Discover Mighty Instance
Tutorial: “WCF Essentials: Discover Mighty Instance Management Techniques for Developing WCF Apps,” by  Juval Lowy. Discusses per-call services, per-session services, shareable services, duplicating a proxy, sharing an instance, singleton services, demarcating operations, instance deactivation, throttling, configuring throttling, and reading throttled values.
White Paper: Introducing Windows Communication Fou"windows+communications+foundation+"&hl=en&gl=us&ct=c
White Paper: "Introducing Windows Communication Foundation: An Early Look," September 2005, by David Chappell for Chappell & Associates. Describes the Windows Communication Foundation, discusses what WCF provides, using WCF, creating a service class, selecting a host, defining endpoints, creating a client, messaging options, controlling local behavior, security, queuing, extensibility, and WCF and Visual Studio.
Tutorial: Introduction to Building Windows Communi
Tutorial: "Introduction to Building Windows Communication Foundation Services," by Clemens Vasters. Discusses what WCF is, address, binding contracts, defining service contracts, defining data contracts, messaging, implementing services, hosting services, choosing and configuring bindings, binding requirements and validation, and clients.
Tutorial: Windows Communication Foundation Archite
Tutorial: "Windows Communication Foundation Architecture Overview," from Microsoft. Discusses WCF fundamentals including the EndpointAddress class, the Binding class, the ContractDescription class, the ServiceEndpoint class, and the Identity address property. The Binding class discusses the TcpTransportBindingElement, the ReliableSessionBindingElement, the SecurityBindingElement, and the assurances property. Contracts discusses the OperationDescription, the MessageDescriptions, the ServiceContractAttribute, and the OperationContractAttribute. Behaviors discusses the ServiceMetadataBehavior, the IChannelBehavior, and the IServiceBehavior. Service and Channel Descriptions cover the ServiceDescription, and the ChannelDescription. Also discussed are WCF runtime, the WCF message, channels, EndpointListener, ServiceHost, ChannelFactory, defining and implementing a contract, the ServiceContractAttribute, the OperationContractAttribute, defining Endpoints, sending messages to an Endpoint, defining a custom behavior, and applying a custom behavior.
Windows Communication Foundation (Indigo) Bugs and
The Windows Communication Foundation (Indigo) reported bugs and their fixes.
Windows Communication Foundation Sample Applicatio
Check out Windows Communication Foundation sample applications. Sample categories include custom channels, interop, peer channels (P2P), REST and RSS, security and Visual Studio code snippets. You can submit your on code samples to the gallery.
Lab: The Fundamentals of Programming the Windows C
"Hands-On Lab: The Fundamentals of Programming the Windows Communication Foundation," for use with the WinFx February 2005 CTP. Includes five lab exercises.
Microsoft's Windows Communication Foundation News
Subscribe to Microsoft's Windows Communication Foundation news and articles RSS feed.
Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation Forum
Chat with other developers in the Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation forum.
Windows Communication Foundation FAQ
Windows Communication Foundation FAQ.
Microsoft's Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
Microsoft's Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) site includes news, articles, Webcasts, downloads, documentation, blogs, samples, a FAQ and more.
Windows Communication Foundation ("Indigo")
Windows Communication Foundation (formerly code-named "Indigo") is used to build and run connected systems. It is a new breed of communications infrastructure built around the Web services architecture. Advanced Web services support in Windows Communication Foundation provides secure, reliable, and transacted messaging along with interoperability. The service-oriented programming model of Windows Communication Foundation is built on the Microsoft .NET Framework and simplifies development of connected systems. Windows Communication Foundation unifies a broad array of distributed systems capabilities in a composable and extensible architecture, spanning transports, security systems, messaging patterns, encodings, network topologies, and hosting models. Windows Communication Foundation will be available for Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.

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